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Ontario's gas plants ran at near full tilt during heat wave; wind was a no-show
Ontario’s gas plants ran at near full tilt during heat wave; wind was a no-show

 Wind Concerns Ontario, July 30, 2015

Wind power slump causes CO2 spike

by Parker Gallant

The Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) summary report for July 28, 2015 demonstrated how it was an atypical day for Ontario’s industrial wind generators.   The Toronto temperature reached 33 degrees Celsius meaning Ontario’s electricity demand was high.  Demand averaged 19,515 MWs per hour and peaked at 22,471 MWh.

Wind generators were playing in the sandbox for the whole 24 hours, producing a miserly 2,180 MWh which equaled 2.9% of their (IESO posted) capacity and less than a half percent (½ %) of total Ontario demand of 462,144 MWh.  For two of those hours (9 and 10) wind produced less than 10 MWh — that probably meant they were drawing more power than they produced.

Picking up…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

wind turbines and lines

Developers offer money for councils to say yes; if the answer is no, no compensation

The process stinks, Warwick Mayor says

Petrolia Independent, July 29, 2015

Warwick Mayor Todd Case says the latest process to bid for wind energy projects amounts to extortion and his municipality won’t be part of it.

Four wind energy companies are in the process of bidding for industrial projects in Warwick, Brooke-Alvinston and Enniskillen. As part of the process, the companies are approaching municipalities to talk about what is going on and hoping to gain some form of support to improve their chances of approval.

Under the new process approved in June, companies receive bonus points for some forms of municipal approval. There is a form to say they have met with the municipal government which bears no points. If a company signs an Community Commitment Agreement with a municipality, it receives points which…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Is Big Wind going to win out over community concerns? Is Big Wind going to win out over community concerns?

Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, July 27, 2015

Can communities say no to wind turbine installation? The answer, my friend, may be blowing in the wind.

The Township of North Stormont will hold a council session on Tuesday where they will be receiving a report from chief administrative officer Marc Chenier and community planner Amy Doyle on proposed renewable energy projects in the region.

Three companies presented their plans for energy projects in North Stormont at the council meeting on July 14. The proposals are available online via North Stormont’s council’s agendas. (https://oc-tns.vbiz.ca/index.php/s/8wArNG2DW9FqGOu)

EDF proposed a substation to funnel energy from a project in The Nation Municipality and have secured a lease with a landowner south of County Road 9.

Leader Resources is planning a 61 MW wind turbine operation on the east side of the township, around Crysler and Berwick. According…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Wind flat as power demands peak in Ontario heat wave

Wind Concerns Ontario, July 28, 2015

Don't count on wind power to help during a heat wave: it's not there.
Don’t count on wind power to help during a heat wave: it’s not there.

Wimpy wind falls flat

Just as Ontario suffered from a heat wave1:  our 3,217 megawatt (MW) capacity of wind suffered a failure, producing a miniscule 13 MWh (hours) at 10 AM on July 27, 2015, as demand ramped up.

Ontario’s numerous industial wind developments were producing at .004% of their rated capacity.

To look at this in more detail, during hour “10” of that day, wind produced .00066% of total Ontario demand of 19,469 MWh.

The only good news in this is the wholesale price of electricity (HOEP) during that hour was almost $82.00/MWh so it only cost ratepayers about $700.00 — if one assumes those 13 MWh were exported!

Hardly reliable and hardly dependable.

So, why is…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Wind Concerns Ontario, July 27, 2015

Ontario electricity customers: in pain with more to come

Anybody watching as Ontario circles the drain?
Anybody watching as Ontario circles the drain?

Ratepayers to Queen’s Park: we have a problem 

Wind power costs plenty for only 4% of generation

In the past six months, reports from the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, the C.D. Howe Institute, the Association of Major Power Consumers of Ontario, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce have all called for “competitive” electricity prices.

A few of the members of some of those associations already benefit from absorption of some costs by residential and small business ratepayers, but still complain their electricity bills are too high and not competitive with competing jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S.!

Ontario is cursed with probably the most complex electricity system in the world even though 80% of our electricity is generated by nuclear…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

EDP Renewables representatives Ken Little (L) and Tom LoTurco at a South Dundas Council meeting in April. A public meeting is scheduled for August 5th in Brinston at Matilda Hall–council is waiting until that meeting to decide on August 11 whether to support the expansion bid.

Cornwall Newswatch, July 22, 2015

SOUTH DUNDAS – EDP Renewables is moving ahead with a proposal for another wind farm in the township – but getting support from politicians doesn’t appear to be easy-breezy.

The company was back before South Dundas council Tuesday night looking for a support resolution for its competitive bid for another wind farm.

It would be called the South Branch II Wind Farm and would be located north and west of Brinston, next to the existing South Branch Wind Farm.

EDP’s proposed submission is for a 75 megawatt wind farm, which would be 24-36 windmills spread over 7,000 acres.

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Ottawa Wind Concerns is receiving emails daily from residents of Nation Township as concerns mount about a large wind power generation project proposed by energy giant EDF.

The company claims as many as 160 farm owners have signed up, but residents say, those numbers don’t add up

Quoted in a recent article in Farmers Forum the mayor stated that Nation is a “willing” host to wind power, but again, residents say, all is not as it seems—that motion was passed years ago, without any notice to or discussion by residents. It is now being used to demonstrate community support for the wind power proposals.

A public meeting is being planned for Nation residents; we’ll keep you informed.

Wind Concerns Ontario signs and brochures are available from us at ottawawindconcerns@gmail.com

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