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Wind flat as power demands peak in Ontario heat wave

Wind Concerns Ontario, July 28, 2015

Don't count on wind power to help during a heat wave: it's not there.
Don’t count on wind power to help during a heat wave: it’s not there.

Wimpy wind falls flat

Just as Ontario suffered from a heat wave1:  our 3,217 megawatt (MW) capacity of wind suffered a failure, producing a miniscule 13 MWh (hours) at 10 AM on July 27, 2015, as demand ramped up.

Ontario’s numerous industial wind developments were producing at .004% of their rated capacity.

To look at this in more detail, during hour “10” of that day, wind produced .00066% of total Ontario demand of 19,469 MWh.

The only good news in this is the wholesale price of electricity (HOEP) during that hour was almost $82.00/MWh so it only cost ratepayers about $700.00 — if one assumes those 13 MWh were exported!

Hardly reliable and hardly dependable.

So, why is…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Wind Concerns Ontario, July 27, 2015

Ontario electricity customers: in pain with more to come

Anybody watching as Ontario circles the drain?
Anybody watching as Ontario circles the drain?

Ratepayers to Queen’s Park: we have a problem 

Wind power costs plenty for only 4% of generation

In the past six months, reports from the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, the C.D. Howe Institute, the Association of Major Power Consumers of Ontario, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce have all called for “competitive” electricity prices.

A few of the members of some of those associations already benefit from absorption of some costs by residential and small business ratepayers, but still complain their electricity bills are too high and not competitive with competing jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S.!

Ontario is cursed with probably the most complex electricity system in the world even though 80% of our electricity is generated by nuclear…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

EDP Renewables representatives Ken Little (L) and Tom LoTurco at a South Dundas Council meeting in April. A public meeting is scheduled for August 5th in Brinston at Matilda Hall–council is waiting until that meeting to decide on August 11 whether to support the expansion bid.

Cornwall Newswatch, July 22, 2015

SOUTH DUNDAS – EDP Renewables is moving ahead with a proposal for another wind farm in the township – but getting support from politicians doesn’t appear to be easy-breezy.

The company was back before South Dundas council Tuesday night looking for a support resolution for its competitive bid for another wind farm.

It would be called the South Branch II Wind Farm and would be located north and west of Brinston, next to the existing South Branch Wind Farm.

EDP’s proposed submission is for a 75 megawatt wind farm, which would be 24-36 windmills spread over 7,000 acres.

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Ottawa Wind Concerns is receiving emails daily from residents of Nation Township as concerns mount about a large wind power generation project proposed by energy giant EDF.

The company claims as many as 160 farm owners have signed up, but residents say, those numbers don’t add up

Quoted in a recent article in Farmers Forum the mayor stated that Nation is a “willing” host to wind power, but again, residents say, all is not as it seems—that motion was passed years ago, without any notice to or discussion by residents. It is now being used to demonstrate community support for the wind power proposals.

A public meeting is being planned for Nation residents; we’ll keep you informed.

Wind Concerns Ontario signs and brochures are available from us at ottawawindconcerns@gmail.com

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Ottawa-based energy economist Robert Lyman has taken a critical eye to advertisements on energy conservation

This week, people living in Ottawa are being bombarded with radio and newspaper advertisements proclaiming that the electrical energy they “saved” over the past six years was enough to “power our arenas”.

How about some “truth in advertising”?

There is a big difference between reducing your energy use and “saving” money. When a residential householder in Ontario reduces electricity use, that may temporarily reduce his or her electricity bill, but it does not reduce the costs that are incurred by the various companies that are involved in generating, transmitting and distributing electricity. All of those companies are government-owned and regulated utilities. Unlike private companies that, faced with reduced demand for their services, have to cut back production and costs, the electrical utilities are completely protected by their regulated rate structures. When sales go down, they…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Ontario Farmer

By Ian Cumming

St. Isidore–With a September 1 deadline to apply to the Ontario government for a share of the provincial allotted windpower megawatts (MW), four wind companies held public information open houses in three eastern Ontario counties, detailing their area proposed projects.

Two of these were: the RES Canada presentation in Vankleek Hill for the 15-turbine, 40 MW Gauthier project on June 22, and the EDF EN Canada presentation for the 14-MW project in St. Isidore on June 23.

With EDF having a large number of solar and wind proects in 19 countries throughout the world, including scattered throughout the United States plus Alberta and Quebec, the company is looking to expand its presence in Ontario, says David Thornton, from stakeholder relations at the company.

Wind developer exec former McGuinty staffer

Thornton started as a staffer in Premier McGuinty’s office, was the former campaign manager for…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

“If I didn’t sign, I would see the windmills without revenue”: cash crop farmer Marc Bercier

Not too many years ago, cash cropper and seed grower/processor Marc Bercier was actively opposed to green energy projects being proposed and built in his area, but this February he signed for a potential five windmills* and one substation to be located on his 1,700 acres.

“If I didn’t sign I would see the windmills without revenue,” said Bercier.

Pointing to the 29 pages of documentation involved for his portion of the 10,000-acre proposed windmill project, Bercier noted how the negotiated sections on soil compaction, erosion and overall environmental protection were vital to him, considering that his farm is only just over the requires 500 meters from this village. [Editor: what? Do you mean from the project?]

The documentation showed that Bercier was promised $15,000 per windmill per year as a base price, with…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Property owners in Addington Highlands are reminded that the deadline to register your opinion on the issue of the proposed wind power project by U.S.-based NextEra is midnight TONIGHT.

Have your property tax roll number at hand and go to www.addingtonhighlands.ca

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Nature Canada and the Kingston Field Naturalists are calling for action to save Amherst Island, near Kingston, from a huge windpower generation project which will not only devastate the island community, but also endanger thousands of migratory birds and other at-risk or endangered species.

See this posting from the Association to Protect Amherst Island, below. Be sure to look at the project map below, too—how does the government excuse this in the name of “green”?

Kingston Field NaturalistsNature Canada
Dear Friend,

A 27-turbine wind power project proposed for internationally recognized Amherst Island, an Important Bird Area near Kingston Ontario, may be approved soon by the Ontario government.

The many Species at Risk on Amherst Island include birds (Short-eared Owl, Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark, Eastern Whip-poo-rwill, Barn Swallow, Golden Eagle, Least Bittern, and Red Knot), Blanding’s Turtles, and Milk and Ribbon Snakes.

Amherst Island has an international reputation as one of the most outstanding places in…

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Ottawa Wind Concerns

Wind power developer EDF revealed its project area map online and at the Open House held on June 23rd.

These maps do NOT represent lands actually under signed options, but indicate the area in which company representatives are looking for landowners to sign up to lease land for a future wind power development.

Landowners are advised to read all material related to leasing land for wind turbines, beyond what the wind developer may supply, and to consult a lawyer before signing ANY agreement.

The map is available here.

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