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At the meeting in South Branch last evening, Prowind’s new president made his first appearance, at least in Eastern Ontario, and for Prowind. Jeffrey Segal was formerly vice-president of development and construction with Gengrowth. He is a resident of downtown Toronto, and lives within a kilometer of the iconic (and useless) wind turbine at Exhibition Place. (750kW compared to 2 MW or more; 299 feet, compared to 626 for the proposed South Branch and North Gower turbines)

Although the community in South Branch had requested an open Question and Answer format for this, the second-last public meeting for the 30-MW project, the day before, Prowind demanded that all questions be submitted in writing (e-mail accepted) by noon the day of the meeting. As it happened, questions were accepted from the floor, but no discussion or rebuttal of Prowind’s answers was permitted. A limited form of “community engagement” to be sure.

Some of Prowind’s answers to the questions.

-Health effects: there won’t be any because Ontario’s regulations are safe. (Environmental Review Tribunal found otherwise and recommended more research, and examination of Ontario’s regulations.)

-Property values: no effect. (Incorrect.)

-“annoyance” is personal. (Incorrect. The medical definition of “annoyance” is stress that can range to the severe, causing indirect health problems.)

-setbacks in other jurisdictions “political” (Incorrect. Australia moved to 2 km after a Senate inquiry into health effects)

The new president has had experience with wind power generation projects in the Chatham-Kent and Essex areas of Ontario, and claimed that people there “love them.” Interesting then that the Environmental Review Tribunal took place in Chatham-Kent, that another legal action is taking place by a family who say they have been made ill by Suncor’s Kent Breeze project there. And that there is a citizens’ group protesting wind power projects http://maynardrehab.com/ckwag.org/

The real problem in all this is that our provincial government is allowing this to continue apace. At the same time as it is crowing about the safety afforded by its new regulations under the Green Energy Act, a project in Grand Valley was allowed to proceed under the old rules, in 2011!

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Yesterday saw the preliminary hearing for the appeal of the renewable energy certificate for Suncor’s Kent Breeze project. The appeal was brought by the Chatham-Kent wind action group, and by a private citizen.

Witnesses for the wind development opponents include Drs Robert McMurty, Christopher Hanning, and Michael Nissenbaum, as well as epidemiologist Dr Carl V Phillips. Witnesses for the wind development proponent include Geoffrey Leventhall and acting Chatham Medical Officer of Health Dr David Colby. (We are puzzled by the appearance of Dr Colby as he has already been told by the College of Physicians and Surgeons that he, as a specialist in infectious disease, is not to present himself as an expert on wind turbine noise and health effects.)

Once again, the proponents are sticking to the tenet that wind turbine noise does not harm hearing. And that’s not what the medical experts are saying: they are saying that the noise and vibration (nfrasound)¬†from industrial scale wind turbines is a very different sound that is causing a unique set of health problems.

We wish the wind development opponents the best. For more details, and to donate to this landmark case, go to http://www.windconcernsontario.org

For more of the science on the effects of wind turbine noise and infrasound, go to http://www.windvigilance.com

To contact us in North Gower-Richmond, email northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

and remember our special Truth about wind event, January 23rd, North Gower, at 2 p.m.

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