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People attending out April 2010 information session will recall speaker Chris Luxemburger of the Brampton area (he is now President of the Brampton Real Estate Board). Chris revealed the results of his study of the effect of industrial wind turbine developments on property values and concluded: they are like garbage dumps and quarries and serve as a negative influence on value.

We have been wondering why the Ontario Real Estate Association has not been communicating about the issue of turbines and property values; turns out the membership has asked them to, and now they are. This is from Chris’ blog a few days ago.


The new form may require sellers to disclose knowledge of a wind turbine development (This was already on the Sellers Information sheet, but was not mandatory.)


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As we previously noted, the Citizen reporter missed seeing Glenn Brooks at the April 13th information event: he was there for much of the meeting, and has now posted his own news summary on his weekly update. Here it is:

North Gower Wind Turbine Action Group:
About 250 local residents attended the meeting, chaired by Gary Chandler. The speakers were varied and well versed with the wind turbine issue. I was most interested in realtor Chris Luxemburger’s comments. His report, “Living with Wind Turbines”, is a result of a study of hundreds of properties in the Shelburne, Ontario area. His research suggests property values are impacted by the proximity of wind turbines.

If Mr Brooks had had more space in his brief newsletter he might have added that the extended effect on the impact on property values for homes near the wind turbines. Chris Luxemburger said that councils are not looking at the effect of “depreciated tax values” on the tax base as a whole, which will affect EVERY taxpayer in Ottawa, and in other communities where turbines are operating, or planned.

It is interesting to note from news reports across the province that the more council members start reading about the issues associated with industrial wind turbines (health effects, noise in the rural environment, effects on property value etc.) the more of them start to object to the fact that the Green Energy Act has completely removed the democratic process at the municipal level in this province. Cities, towns, villages and townships are now completely powerless to protect their citizens.

(Wind Concerns Ontario has now shipped 5,000 signs “STOP the wind turbines” and “Health studies before wind turbines” across the province. http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com )

A more complex issue is what is going on with the Ontario electricity market. Retired banker Parker Gallant concludes his excellent series in The Financial Post today, with his article “Ontario’s Power Trip: a megaplex of costs.” He concludes that Ontario is hell-bent on destruction with its “green” energy plans. “Ontario’s official tourism slogan is ‘There’s no place like this!’ It’s an appropriate slogan for the province’s electricity market.”

To email us: northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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Perhaps the greatest compliment this wind action group has heard yet came last evening when a community member got up and said that too often, views on wind turbines can be very polarized, but that the panel discussion at the April 13th meeting was the most reasoned and informative he had heard yet.

And that was the tone of the evening. Reason. Information. Shared experiences. Truth.

To sum up:

Dr John Harrison, who has addressed international conferences on noise issues, said that there is a serious disconnect between Ontario’s regulations for wind turbine noise and what engineers and health experts know. He concluded that all things considered, i.e., low wind potential, the number of homes and families that could be exposed to the noise etc., he cannot understand the rationale for a wind turbine development in North Gower. “Why they keep putting these things on top of people in Ontario is beyond me,” he said.

Carmen Krogh documented health effects throughout the province being experienced by people living with wind turbines; she dealt with industry denial, likening their response to that of the tobacco industry which denied any ill effects from tobacco use for decades, despite medical research.

Lawyer Eric Gillespie spoke on the Ian Hanna case, the challenge to the legitimacy of the Green Energy Act in Ontario…legislation that has removed the powers of municipalities to plan and to protect their citizens.

Brampton Realtor Chris Luxemburger discussed results of his now six-year-old study of 600 properties in the Shelburne-Melancthon area which revealed the negative effects of industrial wind turbines on property value; he will soon release results of a new study, which involves 18,000 properties.

And last, retired teacher Stephana Johnston travelled for hours from her Long Point Ontario home to share experiences of living with industrial wind turbines. “The effects Dr Harrison explained to you are for ONE turbine,” she said. “When you have 18 of them around your house as I do, the effect multiplies. … I can tell you, no one in the wind industry is living with 18 turbines around their house.”

And now a correction: the CBC interviewed Prowind’s Bart Geleynse prior to the meeting and he said that the complaints of people like Stephana Johnston are “psychosomatic” and a “reaction to something new,”  “largely based on emotion.” The Prowind sales rep then claimed that the “majority” of the medical community says there are no health effects from wind turbines. This is not at all true: the biased review commissioned by the wind development lobby says that, but other studies clearly identify ill effects from the constant noise and vibration from wind turbines.

Finally, Mr. Geleynse said that Prowind has got approval for its environmental assessment and will have the turbines operating by 2013.  THIS IS NOT TRUE. In fact, according to our legal advisor,Prowind does not have environmental approval for the turbines proposed for North Gower-Richmond, and no decisions have been made by the Ministry of the Environment in Ontario. Further, Prowind has NOT been granted a Feed In Tariff contract with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and in fact this project is on a waiting list for transmission capacity. Mr Geleynse’s remarks were aimed at persuading citizens to believe this is a “done deal” and nothing further can be done about it.

Mr Geleynse also told the CBC that he had asked to speak at the meeting and was “turned down”. Not really: it was explained to him that we had a full panel of speakers on the issues (it was not a debate) and he was welcome to attend (but didn’t).

We would also like to correct the impression left by the story in The Ottawa Citizen that Councillor Glenn Brooks did not attend; he was in the audience though not at his reserved seat.

Two hundred plus people attended and more than 100 news signatures on the petition calling for health studies.


To get in touch with the North Gower Wind Action Group, email northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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MEETING TODAY!!!! The information meeting for North Gower and Richmond, and anyone in Beckwith Twp and the Brinston/Shanly/Winchester area.

Please be sure to sign our contact list so you can get updates on future activities, and the petition!!!

Meeting Details:

Industrial Wind Turbines and their Effects

Tuesday, April 13, 6:30 p.m., Alfred Taylor Centre, 2300 Community Way, North Gower


Our speakers are graciously donating their time to come to Ottawa and share their experiences with industrial wind turbines, and/or their experiences working with people who are living with the turbines. Their presentations will be based on real experience, not merely reviews of literature, or industry-sponsored statements.

Dr Robert McMurtry, professor emeritus, medicine, University of Western Ontario, on health effects

Dr John Harrison, retired professor in physics, Queen’s University, on the nature of the noise and vibration produced by industrial wind turbines

Stephana Johnston, retired educator and rural property owner now living surrounded by 18 industrial wind turbines

Eric Gillespie, lawyer and lead in the quest for a judicial review of the Green Energy Act, which has removed the ability of Ontario communities to plan for themselves and protect their citizens

Chris Luxemburger, Realtor and author of Living with Wind Turbines, the result of a study of hundreds of properties in the Shelburne, Ontario area

Carmen Krogh, former health executive and health professional, now involved in research on the effects of wind turbines.

For more information, please email us at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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