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Here is a report from Lichfield in the U.K., where a concerted effort by citizens about an industrial wind turbine project proposed by German firm Prowind, has resulted in a recommendation to reject the proposal. The turbines were to be 420 feet (compared with 626 feet proposed for North Gower-Richmond). Here is the story, dated today, March 8, 2011.

Council officials recommend rejecting plan for new wind farm near Lichfield

Plans for a new wind farm near Lichfield have been dealt a blow after planning officers recommended the project be rejected.

German company ProWind had drawn up the scheme for the 420-ft high turbines near Haunton. However Lichfield District Council officials have highlighted three reasons why the development should be rejected when the authority’s planning committee meets on March 14. The reasons for refusal have been highlighted as:

  • Adverse impact on local landscape, which is not outweighed by the benefits of the proposal.
  • Adverse impact on the amenities of neighbouring residents which is not outweighed by the benefits of the proposal.
  • Substantial harm to the setting and significance of Dunnimere Farm, a Grade II Listed Building which is not outweighed by the benefits of the proposal.

Staffordshire County Councillor for Lichfield Rural East, Matthew Ellis, said:

“This is significant and welcome news and reflects well the views made during what was a very effective community campaign by several hundred people. 

“Clearly these are strong recommendations which I hope the planning committee will adopt. If they do, the company do have the option to seek a Public Planning Inquiry.”


The story and a link to the actual council report is here: http://thelichfieldblog.co.uk/2011/03/07/council-officials-recommend-rejecting-plan-for-new-wind-farm-near-lichfield/

“Adverse effects … on neighbouring residents.”  We’ll be watching for the results of the meeting on March 14th.


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