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Someone has suggested a story for TVO’s “The Agenda”, on how Ontario municipalities are fighting back against the removal of democratic rights via the Green Energy Act. Now, if “renewable” energy projects such as industrial scale wind or solar are proposed by┬ácorporate developers, municipalities and citizens┬áhave absolutely NO SAY in the development plans. Even if there is a threat to health or the environment. Or property values, or the enjoyment of one’s own property and home.

This would be an important story, but you have to vote for it so the producers will see that the viewing audience is interested.

If you agree this would be a good story, please go to the Agenda website now, look at the third column on the right, and find the story suggestions on wind turbines (numbers 8 and 31).

Thank you!!!

To contact the North Gower Wind Action Group, email northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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