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Word is getting around: the very successful branding of wind power by the global wind power development industry as “clean” and “green” and “good” is finally giving over to some common sense.

Industrial-scale wind power is not good for the environment, it doesn’t save lives (if Ontario wanted to turn off its remaining coal plants because they are killing people, it could. Right now. Today.) and it is a job killer, not a job creator.

This week’s Manotick Messenger editorial by Jeff Morris puts Ontario’s push for wind power in the context of Ontario’s financial picture. “Aside from basic mismanagement,” Morris writes, “one of the black holes of tax money is the government’s wind energy program.

“As one Conservative politician told us this week, the wind energy situation is ‘like the government paying $100 for a loaf of bread, and buying unlimited loaves of bread, then turning around and boasting about how many bakery jobs they have created.’

“Simply put,” Morris concludes, “wind energy was a good idea, but it doesn’t work. It’s impractical. It’s too expensive. People don’t want it. Nobody can afford it.”

In our view, wind power (the wind itself is the energy which can be converted into power) at this scale was never a good idea: smaller scale applications work fine, but the colossal wind turbines at 400+ feet (what’s proposed for Ottawa is 600+ feet) are overkill, and do not belong in populated areas.

Mr Morris bemoans the state of Ontario’s finances but then says he doesn’t want an election. How are we going to get out of this mess if the McGuinty Liberals aren’t taught the only lesson they will ever understand? Total defeat at the polls.

Because the chances of them looking realistically at what they’ve done, and heeding the advice of Ontario’s own Auditor General and consultant Don Drummond, and deciding, Hey, we made a mistake, folks, sorry! are very very slim.

It is time for an election. Ontario simply cannot continue its downward slide under this government.

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P.S. We are often asked if the wind power generation project planned for the North Gower/Richmond area of Ottawa will affect Manotick. Yes. At 626 feet or 190 meters with flashing red lights, the wind power factory will certainly be visible from a great distance. Health effects are being observed due to the environmental noise the machines produce at distances as great as 5 km. And bear in mind, the 8-10 turbines proposed would be just the start. Wolfe Island was supposed to be 20, it’s now 86; Kincardine’s Arnow projects was 40, it’s now 90; Shelburne was supposed to be a few dozen, they now have over 100 with dozens more proposed.

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An alert listener to CBC’s daily Ontario Today program called in last week when Rita Celli had as her guest Don Drummond, the former Federal Associate Deputy Minister of Finance for Canada, who recently was tapped by Dalton McGuinty to diagnose a fix for Ontario’s financial ills. The question: with Ontario poised to spend probably $100 billion on renewable energy schemes, mostly wind, why didn’t you mention this in your report?

It didn’t occur to me, Drummond said. He and his team never even looked at wind power.

We don’t usually go out on a limb and make bold political statements here but today we will: WHAT?!?!?! Billions are being spent, the resulting property value loss and┬ádamaged tourism will affect Ontario’s economy, lower productivity as people become ill … and you didn’t even think of it?

That’s because Mr Drummond’s team┬ájust acted on what the McGuinty government told them to look at and never questioned the assumptions given to them.

Shabby. Pointless. And a grave disappointment to those who thought a financial professional could shed some light on this issue and maybe make the government change its mind.

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