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Please note that we now have comments from candidate for Ottawa Mayor Andy Haydon,  who says that industrial scale wind is a waste of financial resources and he is “unalterably opposed.”

We also have a clarification from Capital Ward candidate David Chernushenko who says he has looked into the issue in more detail and now thinks that industrial scale wind could work as it has in Denmark and Germany, but only if communities are allowed input. To that we say, nice idea, but the Green Energy Act took all that away, our municipalities now feel they are powerless (though more than 50 in Ontario are protesting formally) and the corporate wind developers’ “open houses” are just dog-and-pony shows designed to meet the letter of the act, not to allow for any real public discourse. And it is NOT TRUE that the wind energy experience in Germany has been spotless: why did the around-the-world march against industrial wind a few months ago, begin in Berlin?

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