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One of the things the wind developers, Ontario MPPs on the government side, and our Premier keep saying is that wind turbines have been in use in Europe for years and there seems to be no problems.


May 15th that idea should change with a worldwide march to protest industrial wind turbines that kicks off in Berlin.

Here is a comment from a family living in the Schleswig-Holstein area of Germany: they want to leave things are so bad, but wind turbines appear to be a threat everywhere today.

Hello to Nova Scotia.
I’m from Germany and my wife and me are going to leave this country, because of that wind madness. We have over 25,000 wind turbines in Germany with an installed capacity of more than 27 GW. That is cir. 30% more than the capacity of our nuclear power plants (please, don’t start a debate about nuclear power – earth is flat, pigs can fly and nuclear power is save). The nuclear power plants produce 25% of our needed energy, the wind turbines only 6.6%. And the price for this 6.6%? In 2009 German energy customers had to pay cir. 4 billion Euro (over 5 billion $) for wind energy, money that is missing in other parts of life. Over 2 million birds are killed every year by wind turbines. People fall ill by wind turbines ([my wife] and I have insomnia, tinnitus and she was in hospital, because of heart rhythm disorder; we are living 320 to 600m besides 6 windturbines for the last 15 years).
But back to our emigration plans.
Our first thought was Nova Scotia, because weather and landscape is very similar to ours. Than we read about the story of the d’Entremont family from Lower West Pubnico. About wind farms in Pictou County and the plans to destroy Digby Neck.
Could you imagine, what will happen to the migration routes of the birds? We see it every spring and autumn. The migration routes from north east to south west continue over our area. But the routes are cut off by wind turbines and the birds, which had a long way over sea, have to make long detours. And don’t forget: birds are killed by the blades of the turbines. The same will happen in Nova Scotia.
Another problem is the infrasonic and its disturbance for the whales. Nova Scotia has established a green tourism especially with whalewatching. The sound pollution underwater will scare away the whales and thus the income of many people.
Again back to our emigration plans: it seems, Nova Scotia is not the place, we want to spend our old age.

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