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As if declining property values and health effects due to sleep deprivation weren’t enough, as industrial wind turbines are being erected as fast as this government can subsidize them all over Ontario, now we learn that the turbines have an effect on electormagnetic fields, and can interrupt television reception, and more.

Our own inquiries determined that this was a possibility as both Xplornet and Bell responded to our questions about this in the affirmative: it is possible for the industrial wind turbines to disrupt reception. The problems to date are chiefly with Over-the-air reception (OTA) but there is a suggestion that HDTV signals may be affected, too.

Now, residents of Essex County and Chatham-Kent are reporting that as soon as the turbines began operating in their area, their TV reception was interrupted. Here is one resident’s account: “A new wind farm consisting of up to a couple dozen turbines was built near here over the summer. It’s looks nearly complete now in south central Essex county. The nearest turbines are about 3 miles away from me in the direction of Detroit (West and North west). Almost constant reception problems have developed nearly overnight within the last 3-4 weeks in the form of repetitive digital dropouts. Before this, Detroit UHF OTA reception was never ever this bad, even in strong winds.”

Here is a summary of the effects:


And now the question, does Industry Canada approve these monstrosities, or does the Green Energy Act have that covered, too? What else can be affected by the turbines’ operation?

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