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One of our members just emailed from Prince Edward Island where she is up close and far too personal with an industrial wind turbine development. Standing nearby 300-foot turbines (the ones proposed for North Gower-Richmond and Beckwith are 626-feet high) she says, Who said they were QUIET?

They’re not: she describes a noise that caused whistling in her ears from the turbine blades themselves and a loud steady hum from the transformers. It was transformer noise that rendered a Melancthon-area resident’s house uninhabitable, and got him a 50% reduction in the assessed value of his house.

Try to visit a turbine site if you can, for first-hand experience, but bear in mind that the weather conditions and time of day alter the experience. Also, it does no good to stand beneath them: the sound and vibrationĀ is broadcast out.

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