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While we are counting the moments until the big march begins at Queen’s Park today, we must consider what we are up against in terms of the wind industry and their claims about the environment. Why is a struggle for health meeting such resistance from our government that is supposed to protect us?

A review appeared in the Wall Street Journal yesterday on the new book Power Hungry and may contain some answers: wind turbine developments, author Bryce says, use 45 times as much land as a nuclear power plant to produce as much energy. Efficient? No: wind energy is an instant snack when it’s working and akin to “famine” when it’s not. Factor in the amount of resources used for construction, the potential for damage to the environment and wildlife, and the last thing wind development is is “green”.

“People are dying from coal”? Not hardly: we know that isn’t true in Ontario, where over 90% of the emissions come from south of the border and much of the rest from cars.

We have to look at “the big picture” in terms of saving the environment? Well, wind turbine development is a pretty sad big picture.

So WHY does the wind industry keep coming up with these statements which are patently untrue?


Dr John Harrison said that each industrial wind turbine represents about $500,000 a year in revenue to the developer. We did the math for North Gower-Richmond and he’s about right, just over $400,000 a year. Per turbine. (The landowners, who have sacrificed their community and relationships with friends and neighbours for money, typically get $7,500 to $10,000 a year, per turbine. Is it worth it?)

So that lets you know what we’re up against: big money. Very big money.

Forget the talk of “community involvement” and “saving farm life” and saving the environment.

What happens at Queen’s Park today will show the Ontario government how people living in rural communities feel about what’s happening to our lives, in the name of money.

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