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Here is a definition of the Ontario Feed-in Tariff program for wind and solar power, as proposed by Dan Wrightman, who farms in south-western Ontario.

A brief summary of how the FIT program works
1)you have money and want to make more
2)you get a contract from the OPA and install solar panels or wind turbines
3)the Ontario government will steal the money on your behalf from low and fixed income ratepayers
4)wait for the cheques to come every month and enjoy the good life
Note: do not apply for this program if you have a conscience



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Appearing in this week’s edition of Ontario Farmer is a full-colour ($$$) advertisement paid for by the corporate wind development lobby group, the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) advocating for wind turbine leases as an important source of income for farms.

Clearly, CanWEA needs to persuade farm owners that the negative response to industrial wind projects is just a blip and that they are doing the ‘right thing” for the world at large, and for their own farm and family.

There are, however, a number of factual errors in the ad. First, industrial wind turbines are NOT producing enough energy for 1.2 million homes. That figure must be based on capacity but the TRUTH is, industrial wind turbines operate at just over 20 percent capacity. And then, much of it is at night, when the power isn’t needed.

Second, that Ipsos-Reid poll showing that 86 percent of people want wind energy is based on a survey so tiny — an online survey (unreliable) that was done using 1,300 people, or roughly 0.0001 percent of the people in Ontario. A huge flaw in the survey was that there are no details on who the respondents were, but indications are that they live in urban areas and haveĀ litte idea about the implications on industrial-scale wind developments.

Here is the ad.

Ad – Ontario Farmer 28SEP2010

*****UPDATE October 1. The farmer portrayed in this ad does indeed “host” an industrial wind turbine, but he has ONE (not three like in the photo) and it is on a piece of land not where his house is. That’s not all: he is an employee/subcontractor for Erie Shores, the corporate wind developer. The situation is NOT AS ADVERTISED.

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