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Since our provincial government thought so little of the concerns of dozens of municipalities throughout Ontario, and the people who are suffering because corporate wind developers have built industrial wind turbines too close to homes (in some cases, rendering them uninhabitable so the developers have to buy the properties), we’re not going to spend much time discussing the 14-page report released yesterday by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

It is simply another review, and in many cases the papers reviewed were themselves reviews. It includes the infamous, industry-funded report by Colby, Dobie, Leventhall, et al, which has been roundly discredited as biased and inadequate. It also pointedly includes criticism of the work done by Dr Nina Pierpont (author of Wind Turbine Syndrome).

Here’s the truth: everyone knows that sleep deprivation causes health problems. Everyone knows that constant noise and vibration/soundpressure/infrasound disturbs sleep. If industrial wind turbines are built too close to homes and disturb sleep at night (when they are at their noisiest) then it is more than likely there will be health problems for some people.

Here’s a quote from a 2005 study on traffic noise: “More people are exposed to noise from traffic than from any other noise sources. The degree of noise perception by humans is inflenced by various psychological factors and the syurrounding physical environment. There are numerous health risks due to elevated and prolonged exposure to noise such as irritation, hearing degradation, ability to perceive and process information, sleep deprivation, etc. Lack of sleep has a negative effect on performance,attentiveness and alertness.” (Ilgakojis, Jotautiene et al, 2005. Urban Transport)

That’s just one paper.

The report from the Chief Medical Officer of Health is inadequate, flawed, selective in its sources, and very narrow in its focus. And once again, not a clinical study, i.e., not a single actual person was contacted or examined. And once again, they bring up the idea that if people near wind “farms” felt they were being treated fairly, their “attitudes” would be influenced.

Tax dollars went into the preparation of this “report”. It is indeed a disappointment that it has done nothing to advance experience or knowledge about the important questions concerning industrial wind turbines.

To read the report, go to:


French – http://www.health.gov.on.ca/fr/public/publications/ministry_reports/wind_turbine/wind_turbine.aspx

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