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This is from Eagle Watch. (Warning: strongly held opinions!)

From the Eagle Watch #157
June 24, 2011

Assimilation Agenda 2011:
AFN Hosts the IISEM International Indigenous Summit on Energy and Mining

Bryan Hendry is Senior Policy Advisor, Economic Partnerships at the AFN (Assembly of First Nations). 

The AFN is Canada’s #1 NPO Native Puppet Organization.  The AFN which claims to be the voice of Status Indians or Indigenous in “Canada”, is actually one big dancing puppet for the colonial entities.  Few Indigenous people recognize the AFN as their spokesperson.

Hendry sent us a brochure for the International Indigenous Summit on Energy & Mining IISEM to be held June 27-29, 2011 at the Sheraton on the Falls Hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  We wondered why. 

We at the Eagle Watch are acutely aware that the mineral wealth and energy potential in northern Ontario and all across Turtle Island are phenomenal.  We hope that most of it will be left where it is unless absolutely necessary.  The free-for-all of pillage and plunder to acquire and hoard all of the Earth’s riches must be identified and cease. 

Did Hendry want us to critique the event?  We don’t have to attend to do that.  The brochure gives plenty of hints as to what it’s all about.

The AFN will host the IISEM spectacle with AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo as Special Guest and Speaker.  Shawn’s US counterpart, President Jefferson Keel, National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) will be right beside him.  We asked one of our friends on the other side of the invisible line, ie the border about Jefferson.  Here’s what he said,  “Succinctly put, Jefferson Keel is what Malcolm X often called a “House Negro”. That infers a “slave that is conditioned to jump at every bark of the ‘master’ and whose sole reason for existence is to serve””.


Keel is Lt. Governor of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma.  He was in the US military for over 20 years.

In what we term blatant deception, arrogant mendacity and slick double speak, the IISEM promoters say, “Indigenous peoples and government representatives from around the world will gather for a major summit on resource development in the spirit of a shared commitment to produce and provide long-term sustainable energy for future generations”. Representatives will be coming from China, Brazil and Germany as well as all the biggest of the big  :-$globalist corporations:-$.   

Master of BS and fantasy, Shawn Atleo is on a roll, “In Canada alone, it is estimated that there will be $400 billion worth of mineral resource development projects in the coming years that affect First Nations territories.  It will be critical to these projects, and to the Canadian economy, that First Nation people and concerns be addressed.  There is also the potential for our Peoples to be the long term providers of energy and environmental security – ensuring that North Americans can rely upon domestic energy production that has little or no impact upon our air and water qualities.”

Shawn, are you really serious about this?  You’re just joking, right?  Looks more like you’ve been well briefed in what to say.  Are you paying any attention to what dams have and are doing to our beautiful rivers?  Are you noticing the problems caused by the oil sands development, which by the way is totally for export??

Oblivious to our questions, Shawn continues, “Our peoples can be full partners in development from pipelines to power lines, from potash to precious metals.  With partnership comes full participation from revenue sharing to ownership, from employment to environmental stewardship. We must engage early and engage often on these projects, and this Summit is an example of this principle in action.”

Now we know for sure he’s dreaming.  Does he not pay any attention to history?  It’s mainly about how we’ve been robbed and cheated for centuries.

Never one to run out of words, Atleo says, “We look forward to continuing our work with President Keel and the Tribal Chiefs of NCAI on energy and the environment, justice and border issues and I look forward to new discussions among the global Indigenous community on how our work together can transcend borders.”

Is he referring to the “Indigenous” of China, the Chinese who want to buy up Turtle Island’s resources??  Does Atleo see himself as a transnational corporate elitist??

Guest speakers at the IISEM include: Anthony Hodge, President of the International Council on Mining and Metals; Ernesto Sirolli, advocate for Indigenous sustainable communities; Nunavut Deputy Premier Peter Taptuna; Ian Anderson, CEO of Kinder Morgan Pipelines; [as yet unnamed] Indigenous Leaders from across North America presenting best practices from successful community energy and mining sector projects; Margo Gray-Proctor, Chairwoman, National Centre for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED), Anthony Hodge, President, International Mining Council on Mining and Metals; Dave Porter, British Columbia First Nations Energy and Mining Council; Tracey LeBeau, United States Department of Energy, Robert Reid, McKenzie-Valley Aboriginal Pipeline Group and 80 other speakers from around the world.

What a cozy bunch!

According to the brochure, the focus of the event will be “Sustainable and responsible resource development”.  Give me a break!

This is an oxymoron with the scent of Maurice Strong and NWO all over it.  There is nothing sustainable about mining.  Similarly, all current sources of energy including the so-called green or alternative energy suppliers are harmful to Life in some way.  Somebody is making a lot of money and it sure ain’t us Indigenous.

The smirking Shawn Atleo says, “Now more than ever, with the push for green energy, and the growing global need for natural and mineral resources, First Nations have the opportunity to build our economies and empower our citizens for the benefit of our communities and future generations.”

This is complete hooey.  Since when have Indigenous communities ever benefited from the destructive pillage of our land??  Nothing substantive has changed.  Only the style and fashion of the piracy.  Everyone’s wearing green this year.

First of all, there is no need to continue digging up all the minerals in Mother Earth.  Most minerals such as uranium, titanium, iron, tin, copper etc. go to the military for the purpose of killing and controlling people.  For consumer uses, we could be recycling more and using less.  You don’t need gold or diamond jewellery.  You don’t need those cellphones, etc. that require rare earth metals for their manufacture.  We don’t really even need these damned computers.

“First Nations” people will not benefit anymore than the average person who struggles to make a living in a world where the wealth becomes more and more concentrated into the hands of a tiny elite.  Pollution from mining, nuclear reactors, deforestation, etc. are killing people and destroying Life everywhere on the planet.

This summit is being held at a posh hotel in Niagara Falls Ontario.  Most of us could not afford to go. A room at the hotel costs $159 per night.  Here are the fees for the conference:
$300 First Nation/Indigenous Delegate Registration Fee ($400 AFTER MAY 16, 2011)
$500 Corporate/Government Official Delegate Registration Fee ($600 AFTER MAY 16, 2011)
$30 Students with valid student identification ($30 AFTER MAY 16, 2011)
Complimentary – Elders . Complimentary – Veterans . Complimentary – Media

A lot of booze will likely be flying around to disarm and discredit Indigenous participants.  A trade fair will sell all kinds of mining and energy products.  The rental fee for a booth is $1,000.

Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune

There’s a lot of money behind this intensive psychological warfare.  If they speak loud enough and say it often enough, somebody is going to believe them.  Why do we keep falling for their con jobs on us?? Take a careful look at this list of Event Sponsors:  INAC Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, 3M, UnionGas, PDAC Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, GRE, Hydro One, the Mining Association of Canada, Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and First Air.

3M is in there like a dirty designer $shirt$ with their tapes and films holding it all together.  In 2009, 3M set up 3M Renewable Energy Division to sell “solar energy, wind energy, geothermal and biofuel product solutions such as films, tapes, coatings, encapsulants, sealants and adhesives…” 3M has special “polyurethane wind tapes” for wind turbine blades and films for solar panels, “with added properties for ultraviolet stability, low flammability and self cleaning”.

We googled the name of the IISEM event and got over 5,000 hits, some 300 with Maurice Strong’s name.  This includes the Canadian Energy Council, part of the World Energy Council which hosts events like the World Energy Congress held in Montreal in September 2010. The Energy Council chooses a Canadian Energy Person of the Year.  For 2010, it was Stephen G. Snyder, President and CEO of TransAlta Corporation.  TransAlta is grabbing funding for big “green” projects like the wind turbines at Melancthon, Ontario north of 6Nations Grand River Territory and Wolfe Island where the biggest industrial wind installation in Canada is killing untold numbers of Bald Eagles and other endangered species of birds.

The IISEM next week will host tours of the region to places like the Seneca Casino where you can blow a few more bucks and get drunk all over again.  Rumour has it that everyone will think they’re at the G20 Summit where they’ll be inducted into the Global Elite for World Governance.

This “summit” is yet another expeditionary campaign in psychological warfare.  The elitists know we are onto them.  They think they can beguile and seduce us into their ways by making shining poster children out of a handful of our people.  They know many of our communities in dire straits are desperately impoverished and willing to try the colonial way one more time.  Flogging a dead horse will never produce any horse power.

Some people say we have to work with the big players.  There’s a big difference between working “with” someone and working “for” them.  It is an Indigenous custom to turn our backs on things we know are wrong. 

If for some reason, you plan to attend the IISEM, please let us know how it went.  We can be quite sure now that they won’t be letting us in on a complimentary media pass!


We welcome your feedback!  Forward, post and consider printing for your cyberphobic friends and relatives.

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Mark Twain said, “How easy it is to make people believe a
lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!”

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In today’s Citizen an article about the rapidly rising price of electricity in Ontario. As Tom Adams says, everyone should be outraged.

This is particularly outrageous in Ontario where we already have “renewable” energy in the form of hydro-electric power. The province could choose to do more in the way of conservation (as recommended in the David Suzuki Foundation report, Kyoto and Beyond), and to upgrade existing facilities including, yes, coal. Technology exists today to make coal a much cleaner source of energy.

The article is here: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/technology/Hydro+prices+going+like+rocket/3428382/story.html

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We’ve been asked to provide facts on the wind development industry, specifically as it could affect North Gower. But perhaps a view of the bigger picture is needed, and that is the state of Ontario’s hydro supplier. This was written by a retired banker who actually looked at Ontario Hyrdo’s annual report in detail… and saw some serious warning signs.

The article is from the Financial Post but here it is:

Ontario power risk 
Posted: February 24, 2010, 10:39 PM by NP Editor 

By Parker Gallant 

On Feb. 11, Hydro One, Ontario`s electricity transmission giant, released the company’s annual report along with a statement from CEO Laura Formusa announcing that all was well. In 2009, Hydro One “met its net income target and made important progress on a number of strategic fronts.” 

End of story, apparently. No major media reported on Hydro One’s annual statement to “investors,” as the company puts it, even though the report is a dog’s breakfast of warning signs and bizarre trends that spell trouble. 

As a retired banker, I had a look at the financial information in Hydro One’s annual report. Comparing results from one year to the next gives clues on where a company is headed and what that means for investors, in this case electricity consumers and Ontario taxpayers. Hydro One’s numbers should alarm both of the affected parties. 

Net income in 2009 of $470-million may have “met target,” but it is down 6% or $28-million from the previous year, even though revenue rose $147-million to $4.7-billion. Why the drop in net income? Rising costs, with operations, maintenance and administration up by 9.5% or $93-million, reflecting increases in salaries and benefits. 

The cost of power also rose by 6.6%, or $145-million. Wind and solar power costs are higher and other producers that supply nuclear and other forms of power are presumably being paid more. 

Then there’s the debt, up 18.7% to $10.4-billion, as Hydro One borrowed $1.6-billion to pay for new transmission lines to hook wind and solar power to the grid and to purchase a fleet of smart meters. More debt is on the way. 

As debt rises, Hydro One’s debt-to-equity ratio weakened from 1.71:1 to 1.91:1. It borrows money to pay for capital costs surrounding the province’s Green Energy Act and puts the company at risk of a debt ratings downgrade, which will drive borrowing costs up. 

Return on equity is down to 8.7% from 9.7% in 2008, indicating an overall decline in the value of the company. Return on assets fell to 3% from 3.5%. As a result, the dividend payment to the province was $188-million, down 27.4%. But the CEO says the company is “on target.” 

Even though revenues and costs are rising, and profit falling, Hydro One handles less electricity — 139.2 terawatts, a decline of 6.4%. The cost of distribution per terawatt was up by 14.9%. Operations and maintenance costs keep rising as power transmitted declines. The number of employees rose 7.7%. Since 2002, when the company had 3,933 employees to distribute 153.2 terawatts, total employment has jumped 38% to 4,400 to distribute 9% less power. Are these additional 1500 staff working in the field or at head office working on rate increase applications? 

If you review the notes in Hydro One’s report you find that they installed 433,000 smart meters in 2009. Hydro One must install those meters, as required by the Energy Conservation Responsibility Act passed in 2006 by Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government. The notes disclosed that it cost the taxpayers approximately $332-million or over $750 for each smart meter installed during 2009. Hydro One will be levying a charge each and every month to recover those costs as soon as the meters are activated. 

Some Ontario power consumers are already being billed for smart meters and Hydro One has submitted applications to the Ontario Energy Board to increase the monthly fees for smart meters to approximately $2.50 per month this year and $4.50 per month in 2011. With 1.2 million meters already installed, that will increase their revenues by over $65-million in 2011. At those rates it will take them approximately 13 years to recover the costs. Anyone in business will tell you that this length of payback time is not a smart investment. Ontario power consumers should get ready for more increases to cover off these costs. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg. As expensive electricity coming from wind and solar power slowly works its way through the system, many more rate increases will follow. 

For some reason, none of this was news when Hydro One released its annual report earlier this month. At the corporate level within Hydro One, everything is apparently on target. But they don’t tell us what the target is, not just at Hydro One but throughout the whole Ontario power system. Soon, Ontario will have the highest electricity rates in North America. 

Financial Post 
Parker Gallant is a retired Canadian banker who developed an interest in his monthly electricity bill and didn’t like what he was seeing.

Be sure to read ALL Parker Gallant’s articles at The National Post; they appear in the Financial Post “Comment” section, and are online.

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