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News release from today.

 February 13, 2012, Toronto:

Wind Concerns Ontario announces Golden Pinwheel Awards for the wind power industry

Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of more than 50 community groups concerned about the effects of industrial wind power plants throughout the province, has announced its first annual Golden Pinwheel Awards.

“We had a bit of fun with this,” said WCO president Jane Wilson. “But it is a serious business: Wind power is being pushed through Ontario as an answer to a number of problems, but it’s really a giant profit-making scheme for a few individuals and companies. It won’t ever live up to the promises of job creation and power production, and instead will end up costing the people of Ontario millions.”

1.   The “Green Doesn’t Mean Honest” Golden Pinwheel : Bullfrog Power. In September, the clean energy retailer was fined by the Ontario Energy Board for using misleading contracts and marketing practices. 
2.   The “Pie in the Sky” Golden Pinwheel: to Toronto Hydro jointly with Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative for their fantasy claims about the Toronto Exhibition Place wind turbine, which has barely operated above 13% efficiency and has cost investors millions. Maybe to recoup their losses they should charge Dalton McGuinty a fee every time he uses the useless icon for a photo op.


3.   The “Take It for Granted “ Golden Pinwheel: the Ontario Power Authority for insisting it pays for its own advertisements instead of cash-strapped Ontario ratepayers.


4.   The “Best Supporting Role in a Political Debacle” Golden Pinwheel: former Minister of the Environment, John Wilkinson, who ignored his own constitutents as well as other rural Ontario residents who don’t want their communities turned into wind power factories, and was defeated in the October 6th election, helping to create a serious rural/urban division in Ontario.

5. The “I Can’t Hear You-lalalala” Golden Pinwheel: Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty who is ignoring the Auditor-General’s criticism that the province is spending too much on renewable energy schemes, particularly wind, that the claims of 50,000 jobs being created are unsubstantiated, that health problems are being ignored, and that the province embarked on all this without a single cost-benefit study.

For more information, please contact windconcerns@gmail.com and visit http://www.windconcernsontario.ca

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Premier McGuinty announced a shuffle of his cabinet yesterday, and a new minister of the environment. In case anyone was hoping for a breath of fresh air, perhaps a free thinker particularly on the issue of industrial wind turbines, there is only disappointment.

New minister Wilkinson has a history of following orders where the wind industry is concerned. Here is a brief history of relevant actions (or inactions).

  • 04/28/2010:  Voted against the motion to give local government a say on green energy
  • 04/22/2010:  Perth-Wellington MPP John Wilkinson said on Monday he was not previously aware of the planned demonstration. He said anyone opposed to wind turbines should look at the renewable energy process in its entirety.

    He noted any project, including wind farms, must meet the strict standards set by the Ministry of the Environment, including guidelines for turbine location and setbacks that are among the largest in North America.

    Wilkinson said the province is taking all the precautions necessary, though he encourages anyone with concerns to voice them through the approval process for the projects.

  • 10/29/2009:  Voted against the motion to conduct health study for wind turbines in Ontario

For news daily, check http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com for excerpts and links to opinions and comment, http://northgowerwindturbines.wordpress.com and to contact the North Gower Wind Action Group Inc., email northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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