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Excellent article by Justin Sadler in yesterday’s Ottawa Sun. Mr Sadler quite rightly reviews comments by the Auditor General on the issue of Ontario’s renewable energy policy–there was never a business case made for the policy, no estimates of whether wind power would ever accomplish what was promised for it, and that claims of job creation are just not true.

Read the article here, and then vote in the poll if it remains open.


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From today’s Ottawa Sun:


We say again, it’s this simple: wind turbines—>noise/vibration—>lack of sleep—>health problems.

It’s not hard to understand.

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Interesting, isn’t it, how both the Ottawa Sun AND the Ottawa Citizen ended up interviewing a so-called North Gower resident who said the wind turbine development was a welcome addition to the community and would represent a mulit-million-dollar investment to North Gower? What are the odds that out of 200 people, both Ottawa papers would interview THE SAME GUY?

Never mind that his claims are patently untrue: there are NO jobs as a result of turbine construction as the developers use their own specialized construction crews to build and then their own crews to maintain—it’s often a condition of their insurance. Never mind that Ontario is already rich with a source of renewable enerhgy: hydro.

But Mr O’Connor will have none of it. He gets all his facts from movies and from the wind industry.

People attending the meeting noticed a young man trying very hard to get interviewed by the media. Not your average citizen.

Very interesting.

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