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If you are new to learning about industrial wind turbines and the issues (noise, vibration, environmental damage) you’ll know that there are two places that are way ahead of us here in Ottawa, where we don’t have turbines yet (and hope we don’t get subjected to the same conditions as Melancthon, Amaranth, Ripley, Clear Creek…).

One is Wisconsin where setbacks were as little as 300 feet between turbines and houses. The website of the wind action group there has gone ahead and prepared an “A B Cs” of learning about wind turbines, so we won’t botheer reinventing the wheel. They know more about this, anyway. Note that while they are working toward community ordinances to protect health and property values, we in Ontario don’t have that choice: the Green Energy Act took all rights away from municipalities and citizens.

Anyway, visit the Wisconsin website here, and be sure to explore some of their videos.


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