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Melancthon council has voted to demand the province provide an independent health study. What is remarkable about this motion is that Melancthon–which has dozens and dozens of industrial wind turbines, and where a number of homeowners have had to abandon their uninhabitable houses–accepts as a given that there are health effects from turbine noise and vibration.

Here is the motion.

Be it resolved that:  “The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Melancthon has received complaints from residents concerning significant health concerns due to the installation of wind farms and individual wind turbines and whereas the Province of Ontario has denied the relevance of these concerns and has not undertaken any independent third party clinical research into the adverse medical affects on people subjected to these turbines and wind farms.  We hereby petition the Minister of the Environment to have the Ontario Chief Medical Officer undertake the necessary third party independent study, in order that the health and well being of our residents can be adequately protected.”  Carried.

Just to add some context for North Gower-Richmond, Ottawa City Council voted on two isses in July, 2009: they voted “yes” to ask the local Medical Officer of Health to do a study on turbine noise (he didn’t: he used the province’s literature review which simply reviewed selected papers, including one funded by the Canadian Wind Energy Association or CanWEA) and to ask for a moratorium on wind turbine development for a period of time; the latter was defeated. Now, we’re being told that there is nothing Council can do; that is strictly true under the Green Energy Act, but other municipalities are taking steps to make their views known, and to express their wish to protect their citizens… more than 70 have done that, in fact. Ottawa is Ontario’s second largest city, and our council and mayor take pride in the fact that we are the largest “agricultural” city in Canada. Perhaps more should be done to protect that.

Also note that Ontario has commissioned a study on effects of renewable energy technology, which is being headed by the University of Waterloo’s professor Sivoththaman—his area of expertise is in photovoltaics. Not sure how that’s going to work out in studying industrial wind turbines; in any event, his report isn’t due for almost five years…that’s a long time in Turbine World.


barbara ashbees home

Photo of industrial wind turbines from a house in Melancthon. This house is now unoccupied.

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This from today’s Wellington Advertiser, re: farm owners who have leased property for wind development. Just the facts:

Farmers now wanting to opt out of wind leases

by David Meyer   The Wellington Advertiser

ELORA – Centre Welling­ton council’s committee of the whole heard on Monday after­noon that several farmers who signed lease agreements for wind farms near Belwood are willing to back out of them.

A delegation led by Dave Hurlburt, Laura Humphrey, Gerry Ellen and Darryl Burnet came to council to ask for its help in opposing the wind farm planned by Invenergy that sur­rounds much of Belwood and reaches into Dufferin County. They represented a group that is opposing the proposal for up to 35 wind turbines.

Hurlburt acknowledged coun­cil has no authority over the project because the pro­vincial Liberal government took it away and gave it to the Ministry of Environment, but he said, “We feel this council has a strong role to play” in op­posing it.

Humphrey cited new information coming forward regularly about the health risks wind turbines might pose, which could cause things like sleep disorders, headaches and numerous  other medi­cal concerns.

She compared the wind tur­bines and health issues to smok­ing, and noted it took years to convince people that smoking was dangerous.

“We need to repeatedly study wind farms to see if they are safe for human health,” Humphrey said.

She added there are impacts on animals and said the site of the wind farm is very close to what has locally become known as “tornado alley,” where there have been several tornadoes over the years that caused millions of dollars in damage in Wellington County.

Hurlburt said part of the pro­cess forces Invenergy to consult with the local council, and he wants council to oppose the project and insist that a letter of opposition is included in its report to the MOE.

The group also asked that if the project is approved, trans­mission lines be buried and that heavy development charges be placed on each turbine. The group asked that council get all the local area roads improved before heavy machinery is allowed to travel over them. It also asked that the company be forced to provide letters of credit for decommissioning the turbines, and to insist on a 4-to 5-km setback from all private airstrips.

The group also asked council to join other munici­pali­ties that supported the Mapleton resolution to seek a provincial moratorium on all such projects until health studies are com­pleted. Council has already done that.

One of the more sur­prising requests was that farmers be allowed to opt out. Councillor Fred Morris asked if that is possible.

Hurlburt said it is. He ex­plained many of the con­tracts signed by farmers to accept wind turbines on their prop­erty had been signed near­ly four years ago – and with another company. Invenergy is the third and latest company involved in the project.

He said what farm­ers accepted four years ago has changed greatly, including the size of the wind turbines. As well, he said, many farmers had no idea the effect the old pro­posal would have on the com­munity. He said they had no idea of the number of turbines that would be part of the plan and, “If asked today, they probably would not sign.”

Darryl Burnett said, “Not only would they not sign, they want out.” He said at least “five of 15 farmers [in East Gara­fraxa] would back away” if they could.

He said that in East Gara­fraxa, he has heard from a coun­cil member there that Invenergy officials had told that council it would not stop farmers who want to change their minds about placing wind turbines on their properties.

Hurlburt said he wants Centre Wellington to council to get a similar commitment from Invenergy for the Belwood area land­owners.

He added that the group is “really frustrated” not only by the public open house forum that was used as a public meet­ing, but because the provincial Liberal government has taken the decision away from local councils.

As for the meeting, “It was no public forum; it was a one-way street,” Hurlburt said.

Lobby effort

Mayor Joanne Ross-Zuj told the group it has council support. She said she had met with Revenue Minister and Perth Wellington MPP John Wilkinson last week about the issue, and he had told her that resi­dents need to lobby John Gerretsen, the Minister of Environment.

Ross-Zuj told the group, “Whatever it takes – email, a stamp – get it to the MOE as individuals. Gerretsen knows what to expect from council. If that’s where they want it to go, make sure they hear from you.”

Residents also bom­barded Centre Wellington officials. Ross-Zuj said she received over 100 letters and all the writers are going to get a reply that they should lobby the MOE.

“That starts today,” she said. Those 100 letters we received should go down there.

 Contact information for Gerretsen was handed out at the meeting. He can be reached by mail at: The Honourable john Gerretsen, Minister of Environment, 77 Wellesley Street West, 11th Floor, Ferguson Block, Toronto, Ontario, M7A 2T5, or by email at minister.moe@ontario.ca, or be telephone at 416-314-6790, or be fax at 416-314-7337.


To get in touch with the North Gower Wind Action Group, email us at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

Special event Tuesday April 13 at the Alfred Taylor Centre in North Gower–YOUR unique opportunity to hear the facts from the experts in Ontario!

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This is an interesting news article from the Orangeville area of Ontario. The public is coming to understand what the impact of the Green Energy Act is, and they’re fighting mad!


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