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Premier McGuinty announced a shuffle of his cabinet yesterday, and a new minister of the environment. In case anyone was hoping for a breath of fresh air, perhaps a free thinker particularly on the issue of industrial wind turbines, there is only disappointment.

New minister Wilkinson has a history of following orders where the wind industry is concerned. Here is a brief history of relevant actions (or inactions).

  • 04/28/2010:  Voted against the motion to give local government a say on green energy
  • 04/22/2010:  Perth-Wellington MPP John Wilkinson said on Monday he was not previously aware of the planned demonstration. He said anyone opposed to wind turbines should look at the renewable energy process in its entirety.

    He noted any project, including wind farms, must meet the strict standards set by the Ministry of the Environment, including guidelines for turbine location and setbacks that are among the largest in North America.

    Wilkinson said the province is taking all the precautions necessary, though he encourages anyone with concerns to voice them through the approval process for the projects.

  • 10/29/2009:  Voted against the motion to conduct health study for wind turbines in Ontario

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One of our members just emailed from Prince Edward Island where she is up close and far too personal with an industrial wind turbine development. Standing nearby 300-foot turbines (the ones proposed for North Gower-Richmond and Beckwith are 626-feet high) she says, Who said they were QUIET?

They’re not: she describes a noise that caused whistling in her ears from the turbine blades themselves and a loud steady hum from the transformers. It was transformer noise that rendered a Melancthon-area resident’s house uninhabitable, and got him a 50% reduction in the assessed value of his house.

Try to visit a turbine site if you can, for first-hand experience, but bear in mind that the weather conditions and time of day alter the experience. Also, it does no good to stand beneath them: the sound and vibration is broadcast out.

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