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But don’t take our word for it.

We could quote you the research studies that have been done–epidemiologist Dr Carl V. Phillips says there are enough of them that it is beyond a shadow of a doubt, and the World Health Organization has documented serious health effects from “environmental noise”—but let’s go to the Township of Amaranth in Ontario.

Almost six years ago now, the Township welcomed industrial wind turbines, believing the promises of jobs and green energy. They thought they were doing the right thing.

How’s that working for them? Not so well.

Here from a letter to the Minister of the Environment from Mayor Don McIver, the results of living with industrial wind turbines on one community.

“There is no question that the impact of wind turbines and the transformer that connects this power to the grid have negatively affected the health and wealth of neighbouring residents. The Council of the Township of Amaranth is opposed to any further wind turbine projects until the negative impacts of the current wind farm are corrected.”

Families have become ill and have had to leave their homes, the Mayor writes; efforts have been made to alleviate the noise and the low frequency sound, and have failed (we know there is no proper methodology to measure turbine noise–all the setbacks etc are based on “modelling”).

“The setbacks in the Green Energy Act are not sufficient to protect the health and wealth of neighbouring families. The 5 km setback in the lake directly invalidates the setback of 550 metres on land.”

Tha Mayor’s letter has never been answered.

For in-person accounts, go to http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com/video-testamonies/

to see videos of Ontario residents who have been living next to industrial wind power generation facilities.

This is no joke.

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We have a new name for “environmental” groups who claim that there are no health effects from the noise and infrasound (vibration) produced by industrial wind turbines—environmental noise deniers.

Because here is absolute proof of the problems these machines are causing, in a news story out of the U.K. Seismic noise being produced and wreaking havoc on sensitive equipment more than THIRTY-ONE MILES away?? The subsidy-seeking wind developer says it is confident it can remedy the problem, by hanging weights inside the turbine supports to minimize the vibration. Really.

Here is the story.

U.K. Opposes Wind Farms Over Nuclear Test Detection Concerns

Monday, Aug. 22, 2011

 The British Defense Ministry is objecting to private plans to construct wind farms on a significant swath of land in Scotland and England due to concerns the vibrations created by the rotating turbines would interfere with a nearby nuclear test detection center, the London Guardian reported on Friday (see GSN, June 8).

The ministry said “seismic noise” created by hundreds of proposed new wind turbines would undermine the effectiveness of advanced equipment at the seismological monitoring center at Eskadalemuir, not far from Lockerbie in Scotland. The center is part of an international effort to monitor for any illicit nuclear-weapon testing.

As a signatory of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, London is required to ensure the working order of the detection facility as part of efforts to deter nuclear proliferation, according to the Defense Ministry.

The site is a “unique facility in the U.K,” an unidentified ministry spokesman said. “It detects and accurately interprets seismic signals worldwide to detect nuclear explosions and deter the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Wind turbines can affect the readings.”

“The MoD would not object to a planning application without due reason,” the spokesman continued. “Objections are only raised where such action is considered vital to adequately protect MoD interests”

A government analysis determined that while the Eskadalemuir center could tolerate some seismic disturbance, the cutoff level had already been reached. The Defense Ministry is thus countering each new turbine proposal that is 31 miles or closer to the recording station.

The objection led local leaders in Carlisle this month to vote against a plan to erect six turbines in their community. The ministry in total is obstructing plans to construct wind farms that would cumulatively produce one gigawatt of renewable energy, according to developer REG Windpower.

The company is optimistic a compromise can be reached. One possibility would be to suspend weights inside the turbine poles to minimize the seismic disturbances created by the turbines. The ministry has said it would re-examine its stance on the turbines if a feasible remedy can be found (Rob Edwards, London Guardian, Aug. 19).

In Ontario, Windyleaks this week released another document obtained under Freedom of Information, in which yet another member of the MInistry of the Environment’s field staff reports problems with the noise produced by multiple turbines in one location. And yet, the approvals went on.

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