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The people of Kincardine learned this week the hard lesson that the Ontario government’s Green Energy Act trumps everything, even heritage in this province.

The municipality wanted to designate an area as “heritage” in the hopes that move would keep industrial turbines out of it… no soap. The Green Energy Act supercedes both the Heritage Act and the Planning Act in Ontario.

See the full story here: http://www.bayshorebroadcasting.ca/news_item.php?NewsID=27861

In fact the GEA supercedes 21 acts democratically passed in Ontario. 

Bill 150 affected the following 21 Acts


•         Planning Act

•         Environmental Protection Act

•         Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993

•         Places to Grow Act, 2005

•         Greenbelt Act, 2005

•         Co-operative Corporations Act

•         Niagara Escarpment Planning and                                      Development Act

•         Public Lands Act

•         Electricity Act, 1998

•         Energy Efficiency Act

•         Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998

•         Building Code Act 1992

•         Ontario Water Resources Act

•         Conservation Land Act

•         Energy Conservation Leadership Act,     2006

•         Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006

•         Cabinet Ministers’ and Opposition  Leaders’ Expenses review and Accountability Act, 2002

•         Conservation Authorities Act

•         Ministry of Energy Act

•         Ministry of Natural Resources Act

•         Clean Water Act, 2006

Note especially the acts pertaining to greenbelts and the Niagara Escarpment. Land that has been protected for generations may now be used for “renewable energy” development including industrial-scale wind turbines.

When Ottawa mayor candidate Jim Watson appeared in North Gower for one of his rural community chats, he was asked about whether noise bylaws in Ottawa would protect residents if the proposed industrial wind turbines should be installed and he mused that the Green Energy Act might supercede those, too. (Then, sensing the surprised response, he said, if elected, he would consult with the City solicitor.)

Municipalities have had one of their core functions —planning — completely removed by this legislation and as a result, rural residents have no voice, no rights and no recourse when faced with these huge industrial installations. As for public consultation, we’re seeing around the province that there is none of that either: the mandatory public meetings the corporate wind developers hold are nothing more than poster sessions. The public can make comments but they go nowhere.

One act the GEA did not supercede is the Municipal Act. Under that, municipalities should at least try to exercise what powers they have left, in the process of issuing building permits. Ottawa should join the 60+ communities across this province demanding that their rights–and those of the citizens–be returned.

The North Gower Wind Action Group may be reached at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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MEETING TODAY!!!! The information meeting for North Gower and Richmond, and anyone in Beckwith Twp and the Brinston/Shanly/Winchester area.

Please be sure to sign our contact list so you can get updates on future activities, and the petition!!!

Meeting Details:

Industrial Wind Turbines and their Effects

Tuesday, April 13, 6:30 p.m., Alfred Taylor Centre, 2300 Community Way, North Gower


Our speakers are graciously donating their time to come to Ottawa and share their experiences with industrial wind turbines, and/or their experiences working with people who are living with the turbines. Their presentations will be based on real experience, not merely reviews of literature, or industry-sponsored statements.

Dr Robert McMurtry, professor emeritus, medicine, University of Western Ontario, on health effects

Dr John Harrison, retired professor in physics, Queen’s University, on the nature of the noise and vibration produced by industrial wind turbines

Stephana Johnston, retired educator and rural property owner now living surrounded by 18 industrial wind turbines

Eric Gillespie, lawyer and lead in the quest for a judicial review of the Green Energy Act, which has removed the ability of Ontario communities to plan for themselves and protect their citizens

Chris Luxemburger, Realtor and author of Living with Wind Turbines, the result of a study of hundreds of properties in the Shelburne, Ontario area

Carmen Krogh, former health executive and health professional, now involved in research on the effects of wind turbines.

For more information, please email us at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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Our neighbours to the west near Carleton Place, Ashton and Appleton are invited to the public meeting on health, noise and property value issues, April 13th at the Alfred Taylor Centre in North Gower, 6:30 p.m. This will be a great opportunity to learn about the potential health effects resulting from the noise and vibration produced by these giant structures, and to ask questions of the experts.

Prowind has a 10 MW development planned there (North Gower’s development is for 20 MW) with several 400-foot industrial wind turbines.

Beckwith has a fantastic picture on their website (http://sites.google.com/site/beckwithresponsiblewindaction/Homecomparing )turbine size to ordinary farm structures, which we copy here.

To get in touch with us email northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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In just three short weeks, is our important public information session, to be held at the Alfred Taylor Centre in North Gower at 6:30 p.m., April 13th. We are very fortunate to have such stellar speakers, who are volunteering their valuable time to share the message with the people of North Gower and south Richmond.

This will also be an opportunity to ask questions, view maps and pick up more information. AND to sign the petition asking for health studies before industrial wind turbines are installed so close to homes, farms and the local school.

To receive updates, email us at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

and we’ll add your name to our growing list!

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Please note the change to the project map for Marlborough/North Gower/south Richmond, in our Important Documents page. The project map we were using was dated June 2009 and we now have a map dated October 2009. It is different from the one on Prowind’s website, at www.prowind.ca

We contacted Prowind and they maintain that the map on the website is current, but subject to change, so this October map is useful only to see what areas are or were being considered.

Actually it is puzzling that they do not yet know where the turbines will be located, at this stage of the game.

The North Gower Wind Action Group executive can be reached at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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