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The buzz today, of course, is the apparent betrayal of his own political party by Progressive Conservative MPP Frank Klees, who announced his intent to run for Speaker, thereby weakening the Conservatives’ ability to oppose the Liberal’s minority government.

No one should be surprised.

Known by some in his own riding as “Frank Sleeze,” Mr Klees was until recently on the board of directors for several “energy” companies such as Universal Energy and Just Energy, which were power resellers (the former having been fined numerous times for shabby business practices) and more recently, Tribute Resources which has an application filed with the Ontario Power Authority for a Feed-In Tariff contract for an industrial wind power generation project.

So, while the Conservatives were telling Ontario’s rural communities they were going to stand up for their rights and deal with the industrialization of Ontario communities by wind power projects, Mr. Klees was right in there … on the wind business side. He resigned from Tribute on August 5th, a scant two months before the provincial election.

Once again, the slogan WE PAY, THEY PROFIT is all you need to make sense of this.

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It’s been a breezy weekend in Ontario…which means, more money flying out of Ontario taxpayer and ratepayer pockets. According to energy analyst Scott Luft, record amounts of wind power were produced…but we didn’t need it. Parker Gallant estimates that Ontario sold off the excess power to other jursidictions at a huge cost: “So yesterday we paid the wind turbine operators $4,229,280 ($135 per MWh) to produce their record 31,328 MWh and exported it at an average price of $21 per MWh generating about $650,000 in revenue for a net cost of approximately $3.6 million. We also paid Bruce $931,000 ($65 per MWH) for steaming off (using your comparative drop from same day last year) the 14,325 MWh of nuclear so the net cost to produce the 31,328 MWh from wind fully costed was $4.5 million or $143 per MWh for power we didn’t even use! That $4.5 million will be added to the Global Adjustment and will push up the TOU & RPP rates.”

Wind is first to the grid so even if we don’t need it, the producers get paid the exorbitant FIT rates.

Seen on a sign held by demonstrators in Devon, England in the film “Wind Wars” (Part 2 airs tonight on TVOntario at 8 p.m. in the program “Blown Apart”):

The North Gower Wind Action Group is a group of concerned citizens who believe that a proposed industrial wind power generation project with 10, 190-meter wind turbines right beside hundreds of homes in the North Gower and south Richmond areas of the City of Ottawa is NOT  an appropriate development. Evidence is showing that setbacks of less than 1.5 km are not safe for human health due to exposure to the environmental noise and vibration produced by these huge structures.

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This is an editorial from the August 13th edition of The National Post. Wind doesn’t work. And, it’s taking Ontario farther down the path to total failure (did you know that Ontario’s current debt stands at more than $230 BILLION?)

Here is the post:

National Post editorial board: Ontario’s green dreams

  Aug 13, 2011 – 10:41 AM ET | Last Updated: Aug 12, 2011 4:45 PM ET

On Thursday, the European Union filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization claiming that the huge subsidies Ontario is offering developers of alternate energy violate international trade rules. If the EU complaint is upheld, Ontario will have to abandon its Green Energy Act of 2009 — since green energy isn’t economically feasible on a large scale without some form of government subsidy, either in Ontario or anywhere else. By that time, the plan will have cost Ontario taxpayers and consumers billions of dollars.

Over the last 12 months, the Ontario Liberals already have had to abandon plans to build huge wind-power turbine farms in the Great Lakes, cancel construction of a natural gas-fired power plant in Oakville, and admit there is no practical way to connect to the provincial power grid all the solar panels they encouraged farmers and landowners to erect. That means the tens of millions of dollars they spent subsidizing the building of solar collectors was wasted — as were the tens of millions that private landowners invested with the promise of energy income when the government’s scheme was realized. (On Thursday, it was reported that Silfab Ontario, a solar-panel maker that’s just a few months old, already has a huge backlog of unbought panels and may have to lay off workers.)

Ironically, the Europeans have been as guilty of magical thinking on green energy as Ontarians — maybe more so. Notwithstanding their WTO complaint, the EU has supplied its own subsidies to wind, solar and bio fuel. However, their budgets ran out before Ontario’s did. So, at least in part, their complaint to the WTO is an attempt to beggar Ontario in the same way that their decades of free spending have already beggared them.

In responding to the EU challenge, Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid insisted it was a sign of the Europeans’ envy. The EU, we are told, sees “the thousands of jobs being created here and the billions of dollars of investment flowing into Ontario.” But if such a fantasy were truly unfolding, then the industry would need no subsidies — and there wouldn’t be any EU complaint.

As Stéphane Dion showed us at the federal level, green dreams die hard. Mr. Duguid may realize the same lesson when the province’s election comes on October 6.

National Post


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Here is a definition of the Ontario Feed-in Tariff program for wind and solar power, as proposed by Dan Wrightman, who farms in south-western Ontario.

A brief summary of how the FIT program works
1)you have money and want to make more
2)you get a contract from the OPA and install solar panels or wind turbines
3)the Ontario government will steal the money on your behalf from low and fixed income ratepayers
4)wait for the cheques to come every month and enjoy the good life
Note: do not apply for this program if you have a conscience



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