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News release from Wind Concerns Ontario, today.


Even though high winds are generating over 1000 megawatts (MW) of wind energy per hour in the province of Ontario today, it means little for Ontarians energy supply mix.  Why? Virtually all of that energy is going to waste says Wind Concerns Ontario President John Laforet. “It is shocking that Ontario’s Green Energy Plan amounts to a ‘pump and dump’ corporate welfare transaction for wind developers and paid for by Ontarians. I’m sure ratepayers in New York, Michigan, Quebec and other jurisdictions we are give this energy to at a loss appreciate Dalton McGuinty’s fiscal incompetence;  but Ontarians can’t afford it any longer!”

The Feed-in-Tariff scheme brought in as part of Ontario’s Green Energy Act requires the government of Ontario to purchase all industrial wind generated electricity at a rate of $135 per MW, regardless of whether there is or is not a  demand for that power.

The price of industrial wind also isn’t subject to market rate fluctuations like forms of conventional, reliable power sources are.

Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)  is currently exporting 1250 megawatts of power, with the market price at just $10.35. This means that taxpayers are buying industrial wind energy at ten times the rate we’re selling it for, to other jurisdictions. Yesterday, at 8pm wind output suddenly dropped by almost 400MW, forcing the IESO to purchase power from our neighbours at $410.70 per MW by 10pm all because of unreliable wind energy.

Even with this surplus of energy generation in Ontario today, coal fired generators are still operating, demonstrating how unrelated this industrial wind energy scheme is to closing coal power plants in Ontario.

“Buy high, sell low is a really bad strategy. It’s time the Premier of Ontario got real and recognized that Ontario does not need these massive industrial wind developments and that Ontarians cannot afford to subsidize wind developers who supply wind power to our neighbours. This industrial wind strategy has failed to meet any of its stated objectives and will continue to cost Ontario dearly going forward. This might be a sweet deal for industrial wind developers and American ratepayers in neighbouring states, but it isn’t for Ontarians. Just who is Dalton McGuinty looking out for?” John Laforet said.

Wind Concerns Ontario is calling on the Government of Ontario to halt all industrial wind development in the province of Ontario, end the feed-in-tariff program that is costing ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidize through higher energy bills, restore local democracy and planning control to municipalities and support the completion and findings of an independent epidemiological health study on the negative health effects suffered by people living too close to industrial wind turbines.

Eighty municipalities representing more than two million Ontarians have also joined Wind Concerns Ontario’s call on the government of Ontario to introduce a moratorium to industrial wind development by passing motions of moratorium of their own. Wind Concerns Ontario is an independent, grassroots, volunteer driven coalition of fifty seven community groups in thirty five counties throughout Ontario.

For more information:
John Laforet
President — Wind Concerns Ontario

Note that Premier Dalton McGuinty has said, he’d rather have a surplus of power than the “blackouts and brown-outs” during the Conservative government. Comment on that available at http://northgowerwindturbines.wordpress.com

The North Gower Wind Action Group Inc. is a community group representing more than 300 families in the North Gower-south Richmond area of Ottawa. We are a corporate member of Wind Concerns Ontario Inc


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