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We are ever-cautious about providing sound clips of industrial wind turbine noise because, honestly, your computer speakers cannot come close to giving you a realistic experience of the sound, and certainly not the infrasound or vibration, which has to be felt. This Youtube clip, recorded just last week (February, 2011) is useful, however, because the recorder has included visuals of sound measurement. The turbines—part of a NextEra (Florida Power and Light) wind turbine installation in Dekalb County, Illinois–exceed 61 dBA during this recording.

As you may know, Ontario legislation is that turbines cannot exceed an AVERAGE of 40 dBA; but they regularly do, and Ministry of the Environment staff say in answer to complaints that they are not trained or equipped to do measurement…actually, this week, members of Wind Concerns Ontario say their complaints are now not even being answered. Here is the video clip:


We wonder if people contemplating leasing their land for wind turbines have ever heard the turbine noise, or experienced the vibration. You should certainly want to before you get into a 20-year relationship with a corporate wind developer, who probably doesn’t live anywhere near you. Or a turbine.

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