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When it comes to the politics of energy generation in this country, it seems that when people come to learn the facts, they are quite surprised to find out things are not what they seem. Or as we’re being told by government.

Interesting article in Renaissance, the magazine for retired teachers in Ontario about people participating in community causes. Pat Foster who lives in the Grey Highlands area says she was initially supportive of wind energy development but then had to face the cold hard facts where her own neighbour leased land for two industrial wind turbines. She discovered the impact on communities such as Melancthon (which has recently called for a halt as the number of turbines could approach 200) and is now asking, “Are wind turbines safe, efficient and economical?” Foster says that her rural community is now “in chaos” over the issue of wind development and she is trying to inform people so they can make up their own minds. For herself, she says, “We do need green energy, but wind is not the best choice!”

Another high profile turnaround, is Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, who admits he thought nuclear was an environmental bogeyman, but today recognizes it is is the most economical, safe, efficient, and effective way to produce power. His opinion piece in CanWest papers can be read here:


Last, another turnaround: two Essex councillors, who were very active in getting wind turbines approved for a land-based development, were shocked when the wind developer announced a 700-turbine development for Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair. “It scares the living hell out of us,” said Councillor Randy Voakes, for himself and Councillor Paul Innes. Mr Innes, it is reported, lives on Lake St. Clair.

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