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Please check the maps in our documents and links page to see what the Marlborough wind project in North Gower-Richmond looks like, in terms of impact on the community.

One map shows the 2-km impact; this is based on the recent announcement by the Society for Wind Vigilance–a group of international scientists and health care professionals–that a 2-km setback is the MINIMUM for health and safety.

The other map shows the impact out to 3.2 km on property values.  This is based on the 40% AVERAGE property value loss determined by U.S. real estate appraiser Michael McCann.

If you live in North Gower-Richmond, be sure to be sitting down before you look at the maps.

And then remember that then-president of Prowind Cathy Weston wrote to a news paper last year that “wind farms” have the effect of protecting agricultural land from further housing development. No kidding.

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Power Hungry author Robert Bryce has remarked in the past that, besides being inefficient, expensive and unreliable, industrial-scale wind power was a waste of resources because it takes up so much land that could otherwise be used for food. “Wind power is energy sprawl,” he told the audience when he was a luncheon speaker at the International Symposium on the Global Wind Industry in Picton, Ontario, in 2010.

Now Bryce has expanded his thoughts on that issue and added some very interesting statistics, in this excellent article in City Journal. http://www.city-journal.org/2012/22_1_environmentalism.html

Not included in this article but a fact in Ontario, when wind power developers counter the claims that property values are going down near wind power projects by saying that farm prices are going up, they’re not quite telling the truth (Mr Segal of Prowind, you’re included). The rise in some farm property values is because of the price of corn.

The developers’ claims that only an acre or two is taken out of agricultural production due to wind turbines is also not quite true: land is taken for access roads, transformers and other equipment.

News daily at http://www.windconcernsontario.ca and regularly here.

PC Energy Critic Vic Fedeli, former mayor of North Bay, is beginning his energy tour of Ontario and is in Strathroy tonight; he’ll be in Ottawa March 22nd for a pub night at the Swan on the Rideau, and doing a news conference with the North Gower Wind Action Group and Wind Concerns Ontario March 23rd. Details to follow.

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We have been in touch with a group in Lichfield, England about a project Prowind is proposing there, which has met with steady opposition from residents. Including, it seems, opposition in the form of Sister Anne Marie Eden, whose convent is a place of rest for those in need, such as soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

Here is a recent report on citizen reaction, protest meetings, Prowind’s stance about the project in an idyllic English countryside and–bonus!–a photo of Johannes Busmann, head of Prowind. (Mr Busmann is the head of Prowind Canada, too.)

Here is the story from The Village Market Newspaper.

The implacable face of opposition

Posted by TheVM on 10/03/11 • Categorized as The Village Market Micronewspaper

 Huge applause erupted when Sister Anne Marie Eden countered unfeeling corporate ambition with simple humanity. Mease Valley residents have again been outraged by German attempts to blight a corner of rural Staffordshire thousands of people visit each year for its tranquil beauty. And it was the softly spoken nun who inspired their renewed fight back.

An Osnabruk-based company wants to site giant wind turbines near Haunton to get at taxpayers’ cash.

Softly spoken: powerful words from Haunton nun, Sister Anne Marie Eden.

But Sister Anne Marie Eden wants to preserve the Mease Valley’s quiet stillness for the souls who seek respite at her convent.

A packed protest meeting wearily rehearsed again the arguments that beat off Prowind at their first attempt to build in the valley.

But campaign champion County Councillor Matthew Ellis told them the prospects now looked grim.

He also quoted a dark warning from the Germans, who still seemed to be stinging from their earlier costly defeat: “We did not spend this amount of money just to walk away from it.”

The UK government is now subsidising foreign turbine firms to the tune of £500 million at year.

And yet serious doubts about their equipment’s efficiency on inland sites go unanswered.

Wind farms rejected

The county council refuses to allow large wind farms on its land for environmental reasons.

Rural bodies warn of turbines desecrating the countryside

Anti-windfarm protesters claim Prowind MD Johannes Busmann’s only thought is to help himself to generous taxpayer handouts.

Anyone who has met Sister Anne knows her one and only thought is to serve others.

She sees first hand the precious gift of healing and calm those who come to her for help gain from staying at the convent.

And few people could ever understand their mental turmoil as she does.

For 12 years she was an army chaplain, sometimes comforting soldiers heading for the front line – sometimes the bereaved families of those who did not return.

It is work she wants to continue at Haunton. She and her five fellow sisters stand ready if called on to receive soldiers traumatised by the horrors of Afghanistan.

Councillor Matthew Ellis: raised the alarm over Prowind’s new attempt to build near Haunton. Residents are looking to him for leadership.

But she fears that Prowind’s colossal turbine blades, chopping the wind like Chinook helicopter rotars, would forever mar the peace desperately sought by those in need.

Her simple message to Prowind was: “People come to us for quiet tranquility.

“What is going to happen if we do not fight for our countryside?

Angry: people in Harlaston, Haunton and Clifton Campville had hoped never to hear of Prowind again.

“We need beautiful natural things to look at.”

The packed hall at Harlaston erupted into loud applause.

Johannes Busmann and his team pulled out at the very last moment from their previous bid to build in the Mease Valley before their plans could be officially thrown out.

In doing so they left taxpayers to foot an estimated £90,000 bill in wasted administration fees.

Busmann had also broken promises to consult residents about his plans.

He totally ignored letters from the local MP – Christopher Pincher was even unaware that the businessman had advanced plans for another bid to locate turbines near Haunton.

Busmann has also refused to respond to journalists’ inquiries.

But at the Harlaston meeting last month residents heard how increased taxpayer subsidies for smaller scale wind farms made siting one near Haunton a more lucrative proposition than ever.

Vast profits to be had

Tory plans to ease planning laws also look set to bring a windfall for foreign companies such as ProWind.

Organisations including the National Trust are voicing fears for the future of the countryside.

Tory plans to adopt, “a presumption in favour of sustainable development” could see the number of wind turbines in the UK more than trebling from 2,000 to 6,500.

And Britain is not alone. In September ‘VM’ received a message of support from Canada for the Mease Valley campaigners.

Jane Wilson, Chair of the North Gower Wind Action Group, Ottawa, said: “We stand with you in your fight to preserve your community from industrialisation for taxpayer subsidised, inefficient and unreliable wind power generation.” She added that Busmann aimed to build up to ten, 190-metre-tall turbines near her neighbours’ homes.

He is now also determined to install two, 100-metre-tall, 500mw turbines in the heart of the unspoiled Mease Valley.

Laid back: Herr Busmann.

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Here’s a story out of the UK about a Prowind proposed project. Again, it concerns HUGE turbines; people are complaining that Prowind is not easy to deal with and that information the company presents may not be accurate.

700 sign petition against Mease Valley wind farm

Monday 17th January 2011, 10:00PM GMT.

700 sign petition against Mease Valley wind farm

More than 700 people have signed a petition handed into Lichfield District Council against plans to build four 420ft wind turbines.

Lichfield planning chairman, councillor Richard Cox, has handed in the petition which says the turbines will harm the heritage and environment around Haunton. German firm Prowind is hoping to build the turbines.

It wants to site them in the heart of the Mease Valley — between Lichfield and Tamworth. People living nearby, opposing the plans, say the company has failed to answer crucial concerns.

Locals also say produced illustrations of the massive structures significantly underestimate the impact on the surrounding area and historic buildings.

Lynette Lewis, from the small community at Dunimere, a few hundred metres from the proposed wind farm, says the last 18 months have been a worrying time.

She said: “It’s been difficult for the communities of Clifton Campville, Harlaston and Haunton. But hundreds and hundreds of people have been united in opposition to this wind farm.

“It’s not been easy dealing with the company proposing this development.

“Concerns were raised a year ago over the accuracy of illustrations they provided showing what the impact would be on the local area.

“We and many others felt they’d missed the most sensitive aspects but requests for additional illustrations fell on deaf ears.

“The ongoing delays to this planning application are because Prowind are now finally being forced to provide those extra illustrations we asked for long ago.”

Matthew Ellis, the area’s county councillor, says local communities are clearly united in opposing the plans.

He said: “Whether or not you believe in the viability of on-shore wind energy, these proposed turbines will be some of the largest ever built on mainland UK and will undoubtedly affect the wider Mease and Tame area for miles around.”

Read more: http://www.expressandstar.com/news/2011/01/17/700-sign-petition-against-mease-valley-wind-farm/#ixzz1BOzWwfvm

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There is a lot of buzz these days as corporate wind developers are fighting back against the growing resistance to industrial wind turbines on several counts: there are problems for the involuntary neighbours of the machines such as health effects and declining or outright erasure of property values, and on the larger scale, Ontario ratepayers/taxpayers are paying for a technology that simply doesn’t work and can NEVER live up to the promises made for it.

One comment made by the pro-wind faction is that, if wind turbines are so bad, then why don’t we hear from the people who have leased their land for the huge industrial machines. Very simple: their contracts do not allow for them to speak about any aspect of their agreement with the corporate wind developer.

Another comment is that industrial wind turbines are good for farmers. And the answer to that is, no, they’re not. Just listen to the video of a Wisconsin-based farmer who “hosts” three turbines. He says his crops are suffering, his health is suffering, the community has been torn apart, and he goes on to describe a dismal situation. (See the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzh106w1lRA&feature=player_embedded#!

Again, from Wisconsin, a property owner who says the corporate wind developer told him “bold-faced lies” about the noise. The first day they turned on, he says, “[it sounded like] I had a jet airplane over my house … and it didn’t go away.” He says his community will never be the same, neither will his life: “They stole from me.” His house is for sale. http://www.windaction.org/videos/28235

You may also wish to read the account of a property owner in New York State, who had previously been critical of those opposed to industrial wind turbines. Listen to what he says now: http://www.livinginnewyork.org/cohocton_lessor_hal_graham_complaining_about_noise

And, an Ontario property owner who lives near the International Power Corp “Frogmore Wind project” has just learned that her custom-built dream home is now unsellable and probably worthless. Here’s how she describes the situation in her community:

We, in the Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore industrial wind turbine zone who live surrounded within a 3-km radius by 18 Vestas, 1.65 MW IWTs, are a dense enclave of ~ 140 houses, 300 residents of which 70 signed a petition last year saying that they WERE affected by those 18 IWTs. Because we have 10 +/- abandoned houses, 10 +/- vacant houses for sale,
9 +/- occupied homes for sale and 8 seasonal homes, there is much scope for study and research.

That’s 37 families out of 140 who are significantly and negatively affected by 18 industrial wind turbines. (One wonders at the prospect for North Gower: 10 turbines at 2.5 MW and 626 feet tall, located in part of hilly topography that we know from research in other locations has an effect on how and where the noise travels. We also know if the developer gets approval, they won’t stop at 10. While at Clear Creek/Frogmore, homes are within 3 km, in North Gower-Richmond, virtually the entire village, including the public school, will be within 3 km of turbines, based on some maps produced in the past by Prowind.)

All this for wind power which can barely squeak out megawatts of power, and at best operates at below 30% capacity. Right now, 10:30 a.m. on July 13, on Wolfe Island where residents say the quality of life has been utterly lost, the turbines are generating 59 MW out of a capacity for 185 MW. At Amaranth, the output is ZERO (capacity 200 MW).

What it does produce is profits for the corporate wind developers.

What can you do?

-Let your City Councillor and MPP know that you want the City of Ottawa (or your city, wherever you are) to get control of development BACK; it was taken away by the Green Energy Act.

-Learn more about industrial scale wind power

-Learn more about how electricity is generated, marketed and sold in Ontario—it’s a worrying situation.

-DEMAND that the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario put aside her report published in May, and undertake new, proper health research together with the Ontario Research Chair, Dr Sivo Sivoththaman (For details, see http://northgowerwindturbines.wordpress.com )

To contact the North Gower Wind Action Group email northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

and check out news stories daily at http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com

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One of our members just emailed from Prince Edward Island where she is up close and far too personal with an industrial wind turbine development. Standing nearby 300-foot turbines (the ones proposed for North Gower-Richmond and Beckwith are 626-feet high) she says, Who said they were QUIET?

They’re not: she describes a noise that caused whistling in her ears from the turbine blades themselves and a loud steady hum from the transformers. It was transformer noise that rendered a Melancthon-area resident’s house uninhabitable, and got him a 50% reduction in the assessed value of his house.

Try to visit a turbine site if you can, for first-hand experience, but bear in mind that the weather conditions and time of day alter the experience. Also, it does no good to stand beneath them: the sound and vibration is broadcast out.

Visit the North Gower Wind Action Group site at https://northgowerwindactiongroup.wordpress.com

or email the group at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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Once again, property owners in rural areas are finding that legal action is the only way to get redress for the situation they find themselves in, namely that the provincial government, corporate wind developers and landowners can plan industrial wind turbine projects which then affect the enjoyment of property, property values, and in many cases, people’s health due to sleep deprivation.

West Huron is the site of yet another legal action, another class action suit against the wind developer and the landowners who have leased their land for turbines.

Here is the basis on which the class action is going forward:

Our firm has been retained to commence a class action lawsuit against TTD Wind Project ULC, Twenty-two Degree Energy Corp. and landowners who erect wind turbines. This class action will ask the court for damages including but not limited to personal injuries due to health related problems, injury and/or loss of production of livestock, injurious affection, diminution in value of property and nuisance.

In Ontario, we do have another avenue which is the Ian Hanna challenge to the Green Energy Act, on the basis of the Precautionary Principle. A brochure and donation information is available at http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com

To contact the North Gower Wind Action Group, email us at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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