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For those who don’t pick up a newspaper every day, The Ottawa Citizen is now in the process of announcing its recommendations for City Council, presumably with the intention of winding up with their endorsement of a candidate for Mayor.

Today, the Citizen announced that it is recommending Rideau-Goulbourn vote for Scott Moffatt, citing his energy and enthusiasm.

Mr. Moffatt has been interested in the issue of industrial wind turbines proposed for North Gower for some time, and has promised to keep up with developments. He did say to us that he sees no point in proposing another motion at City Council as Glenn Brooks already did that and it was defeated. More than 60 other municipalities in Ontario have passed resolutions, however, markedly different from the one put forward at Ottawa Council in 2009.

Just this month, for example, the City of Ajax and the County of Haldimand passed resolutions asking for a return of local land use planning powers, among other things.

We wish all candidates the best, especially those who took the time to respond to our questionnaire so that Rideau-Goulbourn residents may know where the candidates stand on this important issue.

To email the North Gower Wind Action Group, northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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Mayoralty candidate Jim Watson held a rural town hall in North Gower last evening, and discussed several of his campaign ideas especially his idea for a borough system to deal with local issues.

During the question period following his talk, the subject of the proposed industrial wind turbines for North Gower arose. Mr Watson became very firm, and grim, and implied that one of the questioners was opposed to all green energy if she was opposed to wind power. He then laid out his position which was that if the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario said there are no health effects, then there are no health effects.

That’s it.

Of course, Dr King’s “report” (which was simply another review of selected literature–not one actual person was spoken to or interviewed) has been widely criticized and is the subject of a 55-page analysis (available at http://www.windvigilance.com ).

He did say, if elected Mayor, he would consult with the City solicitor about options re: noise bylaws etc to protect residents from excessive noise.

This is an issue that is very important to the residents of North Gower and south Richmond and is worth discussing with Mr Watson in detail; his campaign slogan is that Ottawa deserves better leadership. Indeed we do, and we also deserve a leader who is open to ideas other than the party line of the Ontario Liberal government.

To contact Mr Watson go to his website at http://www.jimwatson.ca

The North Gower Wind Action Group can be reached at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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