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As we mentioned recently, some people think opposing industrial wind turbine developments is “sensationalizing” the effects, and that the turbine developments can’t be as bad as we’re making out.

Here’s a letter from today’s Orangeville Citizen. Now, with 100+ turbines in the area already working, and 100s more planned, these people know what they’re talking about.

This is why we’re doing what we’re doing: informing the community about what could happen to North Gower and Richmond.

Note that in the letter, the writer talks about some 232 homes within 4.5 km of the turbines… in North Gower that number would be MUCH higher.

Thank you Mark for pointing out to the reporter, Wes Keller, that our home is not the only one to fall under the shadow of the proposed Industrial Wind Turbines. Unfortunately you are making an understatement when you say 30 or more other homes, as there are actually 232 homes in the 4.5 km radius that will be affected. Along with you and the other residents, we formed WCORHE (Whittington Coalition for Our Right to a Healthy Environment) and together we made a map of the 232 homes and their locations in respect to the proposed wind turbines. This map was then submitted by MPP Sylvia Jones to the Ministries of Environment and Energy.

We do sympathize with the local homeowners who have their houses up for sale and can’t sell them due to the turbine proposal, but unlike them we plan to be here for generations to come. Not only will our home fall under this shadow but so will our family spinach farm operation in which all of our family members participate. Our family, as well as the other 232 homes and their residents are all in protest of these pending health hazards and the devaluation of our properties.

Our WCORHE group opposes WPD’s (the wind project developers) misleading information which they gave at their first information meeting held at the Orangeville Fairgrounds Oct 12, 2010.

The information maps at their meeting were so far out of date that they didn’t even show our home or many other recently built residences on them.

We are objecting to WPD’s underhanded tactics which included denial of globally documented health issues and outdated maps that had no correct information as to the number of homes affected or their proximity to the proposed Industrial Turbine sites.

Betsy Collins Mono-Amaranth Townline


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