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Today, apparently, is “global wind day” which in Ontario is being celebrated because the province is supposed to be a centre for “green” energy and green jobs and a clean, green way of life. One of the events scheduled is the celebration of the completion of the giant Talbot wind project, by Enbridge/RES. The news release is below.

CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwire – June 13, 2011) – Enbridge Inc. (TSX:ENB) (NYSE:ENB) and Renewable Energy Systems Canada Inc. (RES Canada) will celebrate the completion of Enbridge’s Talbot Wind Project on June 15, 2011, Global Wind Day.

The celebration will include a ribbon cutting with members from the Chatham-Kent community, and an announcement of several investments in the community. MPP Pat Hoy (Chatham-Kent-Essex) and Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy R. Hope will take part in the festivities.

Meanwhile, Wind Concerns Ontario has unearthed correspondence from the Ministry of the Environment dated 2009, which indicates the Ministry was issuing certificates of approval for industrial wind power projects when it had no “methodology” or equipment or trained staff to enforce any regulations concerning turbine noise. The correspondence is between Ministry staff. Go to http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com to see a PDF of the letters.

Apparently the scene on Global Wind Day near Shelburne Ontario is not nearly so festive (you recall we presented text from a letter to the province from the mayor of Amaranth about the health problems and loss of property value in the area), with properties for sale and deserted. Here is an account from someone who lives there: Turbines are spinning in every direction.  People are sick.  People can’t sleep at night.  People have been bought out.  People are leaving because they can’t stand it anymore.  Places looked fallen down and/or deserted all over the place.  Or they’re for sale–and good luck with that!

Since it is “Global” Wind day, let’s go farther afield; how about Australia, where the complaints of illness from wind turbine noise and vibration are so pronounced that in the Waubra area, the collection of symptoms is now known as The Waubra Syndrome. A report from the government on health effects is due out this week , but an Australian phsyician specializing in cancer research said that Australia should expect a rise in fatal diseases due to the low frequency noise (vibration) produced by industrial wind turbines. The story is here: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/turbine-health-effects-are-blowing-in-the-wind/story-fn59niix-1226075277052

“Global Wind Day”: a celebration of what the quest for profits at any cost has done to communities and people.

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Shelburne, a village best known for its annual fiddle festival, located an hour west of Toronto, is now home to about 150 industrial wind turbines. The community was told 20 originally, and now they have over 100, with many many more planned.

What follows is a letter to Melancthon Township Council by a local resident, an organic farmer who has been living amid the turbines with his family for about three years now. The family’s life is in ruins. His doctor has told them they must move, their Realtor says they will never be able to sell their property. This is the reality of “clean” “green” renewable industrial-scale wind power development.

Mayor Bill Hill

PO Box 465 Shelburne, Ontario

Dear Mayor Bill Hill,

I would like this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Farshad Davoodian, I am a registered farmer in Melancthon, Dufferin County. As I am sure that you are aware we are currently living in the middle of hundreds of wind turbines that have been planted here by the Canadian Hydro Company. Initially I did not have an objection to their existence as they gave us incorrect information regarding the discomfort we are now experiencing. They have completely fisrupted our lives, we have trouble sleeping due to the constant sound, they have affected our health. We have now found ourselves in a position that it has become impossible to work, the noise has been unbearable and we cannot rest in our own home, the sound is comparable to a washing machine that never stops. Our health has been in constant decline since their existence and we cannot continue living and working here, we are put in a position of being run from our farm and home. I hope that you can do what you can in your power to bring our concerns to the table. I believe an investigation should be commenced regarding these issues. I am sure I am not the only one living under these conditions. I have enclosed letters that clearly show the company Trans Alta is not denying the excess noise. Our correspondence as well as a letter from my doctor showing her concerns regarding our health.


We will report if there is any action or discussion following the reading of this letter at the council meeting.


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