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Local MPP Lisa MacLeod held a press conference to counter Premier Dalton McGuinty’s claims that his “green” energy agenda is creating jobs. In fact, it will destroy jobs and negatively affect the economic outlook.

Here is the story, from today’s London Free Press (thanks to one of our members for passing it along):

Tory says green deal costly

The McGuinty government has blown the chance to scrap a bad green energy deal with Samsung and consumers will pay, an Opposition critic warns.

Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod said McGuinty’s Liberal government “is sticking it to Ontario families who pay the price for his expensive energy experiments.”

Her comments came at a news conference Monday in London with other Conservative candidates in the Oct. 6 election, as Premier Dalton McGuinty visited a Tillsonburg plant — hooked to the government’s Samsung deal — that will build turbine blades.

Standing in front of a transformer station, flanked by Tory candidates Nancy Branscombe, Cheryl Miller and Ali Chahbar, MacLeod said the government could’ve walked away from the “untendered sweetheart” deal at no cost when Samsung fell behind schedule in implementing it.

The deal was renegotiated with some company concessions.

MacLeod repeated vows the Tories would scrap the Samsung deal if they win the election.

She said provincial taxpayers would pay a huge price for the 900 jobs — including 300 in Tillsonburg — that the Samsung deal is supposed to create.

“It’s not a good deal for taxpayers. When you’re paying 80 cents per kw/hour for something that cost five cents, there’s only one group of people paying for that — the Ontario taxpayer.”

MacLeod said the Tories would remove HST and debt-retirement charges now applied to power bills, recouping lost revenue through spending cuts.


What’s not calculated here is the economic cost of the lack of productivity as a result of the environmental illness due to exposure to industrial wind turbine noise and vibration; more than 130 people are very ill, or have been made ill enough to move, and 30 some families have been forced from their homes—those are only the deals we know about, as the wind developers make homeowners who have settled sign non-disclosure or “gag” agreements. Also not calculated is the economic loss due to the loss of property value, which can be as much as 40 % … if not 100%. And, what is the cost of the “sterilization” due to the industrialization of rural communities forced to have industrial wind power plants in their midst? No new housing developments. And the wind business thinks all that is just fine: Prowind’s managing director Cathy Weston claimed that wind power generation projects are “protecting” rural communities from urbanization. You bet they are.

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