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The buzz today, of course, is the apparent betrayal of his own political party by Progressive Conservative MPP Frank Klees, who announced his intent to run for Speaker, thereby weakening the Conservatives’ ability to oppose the Liberal’s minority government.

No one should be surprised.

Known by some in his own riding as “Frank Sleeze,” Mr Klees was until recently on the board of directors for several “energy” companies such as Universal Energy and Just Energy, which were power resellers (the former having been fined numerous times for shabby business practices) and more recently, Tribute Resources which has an application filed with the Ontario Power Authority for a Feed-In Tariff contract for an industrial wind power generation project.

So, while the Conservatives were telling Ontario’s rural communities they were going to stand up for their rights and deal with the industrialization of Ontario communities by wind power projects, Mr. Klees was right in there …¬†on the wind business side. He resigned from Tribute on August 5th, a scant two months before the provincial election.

Once again, the slogan WE PAY, THEY PROFIT is all you need to make sense of this.

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