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Interesting, isn’t it, how both the Ottawa Sun AND the Ottawa Citizen ended up interviewing a so-called North Gower resident who said the wind turbine development was a welcome addition to the community and would represent a mulit-million-dollar investment to North Gower? What are the odds that out of 200 people, both Ottawa papers would interview THE SAME GUY?

Never mind that his claims are patently untrue: there are NO jobs as a result of turbine construction as the developers use their own specialized construction crews to build and then their own crews to maintain—it’s often a condition of their insurance. Never mind that Ontario is already rich with a source of renewable enerhgy: hydro.

But Mr O’Connor will have none of it. He gets all his facts from movies and from the wind industry.

People attending the meeting noticed a young man trying very hard to get interviewed by the media. Not your average citizen.

Very interesting.

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