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Once you’ve explored the issue of industrial wind turbines, their effects on the health of involuntary neighbours and on the environment and landscape, one thing begins to really rankle: when the uninformed and the corporate wind lobby call them “windmills” … or when their locations are¬†called “wind farms” or “wind parks.”

Romantic, but completely untrue.

Dr Robert McMurtry in his video interview (See Eight Minutes of Truth, below) pointed out that if the turbines for Prince Edward County are constructed, the County will have more structures the size of office towers than Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa combined.

Which got us thinking: there are 8 to 10 (nobody really knows at this point and the people who do aren’t saying) 626-foot, or 190-meter industrial wind turbines proposed for the area of the Village of North Gower and south Richmond. They would be twice the size of the Peace Tower, or equivalent to the Calgary Tower, or a 50-storey office building. How many 50-storey office buildings does Ottawa have? NONE.

North Gower will go from being a quiet rural village, home to hundreds of families and family farms, to an industrial enclave with 8 to 10 huge structures that will be visible day and night for a considerable distance.

Of course, what they look like is the least of the issues: we know from areas like Clear Creek that multiple turbine installations create noise and vibration which can very disturbing to people within a 2 km radius.

The “windmills” of times gone by weren’t like that: when thinking about the North Gower-Richmond wind turbines, remember, this is strictly an industrial use of the land for profit, and nothing else. This is “high-impact” industry. Wind power is expensive, unreliable, intermittent and ultimately, ineffective. Government subisidies are the only motivation here.

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