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In the April issue of Farmers’ Forum is an update on the Marlborough industrial wind project proposed for North Gower and Richmond; as we already knew, the project is waiting for transmission capacity to be assessed before it can get a Feed-in Tariff contract with the Ontario Power Authority.

Here is the story:

April 2011

North Gower wind turbine project stalled due to gridlock

NORTH GOWER — The wait continues for approval of a 20-megawatt wind project that would erect between eight and 10 wind turbines around the village of North Gower and south Richmond.

Prowind Canada Inc., a Kemptville-based company, first applied to the Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program for a contract in November 2009. The project was rejected in the last wave of FIT approvals in early February because the OPA could not handle the power capacity. Now Prowind is waiting on a connection test that would take three to six months so the company can know when the capacity for the project might be available. Prowind has not received word when the connection test would commence but a spokeswoman said the company hopes it will start in April.

Five farmers in North Gower are involved with the project to have the wind turbines – which could be up to 600 ft. high – on their land. Corner View Farms, operated by brothers Ed and Rick Schouten, could have five wind turbines at their dairy operation. Farmers would share in the profits made by the wind turbines’ generation of power back to the provincial grid. They would also have access to the roads Prowind would build to the wind turbines, offering easier access to crops.


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Meanwhile, Ontario continues to dump power because it has an excess of power this spring; to date, Ontario has paid other jurisdictions to take the extra power off our hands, costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

In other news, the Ottawa Citizen today carries a report from the U.K. in which the government’s “climate change watchdog” says “heavy reliance on offshore wind could result in unacceptable increases in fuel bills.” The recommendation is to rely on nuclear power which produces no carbon dioxide. The story is on page C5 in The Citizen and originates in The Times.


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Corporate wind developer Prowind claims it didn’t get an invitation to the recent public session sponsored by three local wind action community groups, which attracted more than 125 residents concerned about proposed industrial wind turbine projects. The company’s manager of operations Cathy Weston told a reporter for The Advance that “I didn’t get an invitation.”

Well, here’s the thing: No one got an “invitation.”

But plenty of people knew about the meeting: more than a thousand flyers were delivered by Canada Post to homes in Richmond, North Gower, Kars, and South Branch, and advertisements were paid for and appeared in the EMC from Carleton Place through to Winchester, in the Manotick Messenger, and in The Ottawa Citizen. As well, news stories were carried on the CBC and CFRA prior to the event.

Hardly a secret event!


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According to Energy Probe executive director Lawrence Solomon, writing in today’s Financial Post, “the largest grass roots movement in the western world today is no longer anti-nuclear, it is anti-wind.”

We’re proud to be part of it.

Read the reasons why at http://opinion.financialpost.com/2010/10/12/ontario-power-lesson/

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Please note that we now have comments from candidate for Ottawa Mayor Andy Haydon,  who says that industrial scale wind is a waste of financial resources and he is “unalterably opposed.”

We also have a clarification from Capital Ward candidate David Chernushenko who says he has looked into the issue in more detail and now thinks that industrial scale wind could work as it has in Denmark and Germany, but only if communities are allowed input. To that we say, nice idea, but the Green Energy Act took all that away, our municipalities now feel they are powerless (though more than 50 in Ontario are protesting formally) and the corporate wind developers’ “open houses” are just dog-and-pony shows designed to meet the letter of the act, not to allow for any real public discourse. And it is NOT TRUE that the wind energy experience in Germany has been spotless: why did the around-the-world march against industrial wind a few months ago, begin in Berlin?

Email the North Gower Wind Action Group at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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You’ve heard the story no doubt about the camel who put his nose in the door of the tent and gradually moved a little bit more, a little bit more, until eventually, the entire camel was inside the tent.

That’s exactly what happens with wind turbine projects. Look at the Shelburne area in Ontario: the original proposal was for 20 and now there are 133 with 100 more proposed, and dozens more all over the surrounding area. The Big Thunder project in Thunder Bay is nominally 18 turbines but when a councillor pressed the company at a recent open house, the company had to admit that yes, what was on their official application was for 18 now, then 32 more in Phase II and 50-60 more in Phase III. You can bet the reaction would be a little different if they had come out initially saying they would build 100 turbines, rather than 18.

Wolfe Island started with 24 and grew to 86; hundreds more are proposed for offshore from the island.

So what are just eight to 10 industrial wind turbines in the south Ottawa area? Perhaps, just the beginning.

You can contact the North Gower Wind Action Group at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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Members of the North Gower Wind Action Group and Dr John Harrison of the Society for Wind Vigilance appeared as guests yesterday on CHUO Radio’s “Five O’Clock Train” show. Here is a link to the podcast:


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Mayoralty candidate Jim Watson held a rural town hall in North Gower last evening, and discussed several of his campaign ideas especially his idea for a borough system to deal with local issues.

During the question period following his talk, the subject of the proposed industrial wind turbines for North Gower arose. Mr Watson became very firm, and grim, and implied that one of the questioners was opposed to all green energy if she was opposed to wind power. He then laid out his position which was that if the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario said there are no health effects, then there are no health effects.

That’s it.

Of course, Dr King’s “report” (which was simply another review of selected literature–not one actual person was spoken to or interviewed) has been widely criticized and is the subject of a 55-page analysis (available at http://www.windvigilance.com ).

He did say, if elected Mayor, he would consult with the City solicitor about options re: noise bylaws etc to protect residents from excessive noise.

This is an issue that is very important to the residents of North Gower and south Richmond and is worth discussing with Mr Watson in detail; his campaign slogan is that Ottawa deserves better leadership. Indeed we do, and we also deserve a leader who is open to ideas other than the party line of the Ontario Liberal government.

To contact Mr Watson go to his website at http://www.jimwatson.ca

The North Gower Wind Action Group can be reached at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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