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Whenever you try to discuss industrial wind turbines with people who are either uninformed or who have been influenced beyond all reason by the provincial government and by the huge corporate wind developer lobby, one of the things they’ll say is, Look at Europe and the Scandinavian countries…they’ve had wind power for years, with no problems.

Not so. In fact, Denmark offered companies huge subsidies much the way Ontario is doing now, and once they stopped, the wind development slowed. But, in Denmark, communities had a say in where wind turbine projects were located, which had a more positive effect in terms of whether there were problems such as noise.

But news from Denmark this week shows a worsening of the situation there too. Concerns about noise and health effects has resulted in the state-owned company deciding NOT to build any more projects onshore. Very telling. Here is an excerpt from the article.

Mass protests mean the energy firm will look offshore

State-owned energy firm Dong Energy has given up building more wind farms on Danish land, following protests from residents complaining about the noise the turbines make.

It had been Dong and the government’s plan that 500 large turbines be built on land over the coming 10 years, as part of a large-scale national energy plan. This plan has hit a serious stumbling block, though, due to many protests, and the firm has now given up building any more wind farms on land.

Anders Eldrup, the CEO of Dong Energy, told TV2 News: ‘It is very difficult to get the public’s acceptance if the turbines are built close to residential buildings, and therefore we are now looking at maritime options.’


You can reach the North Gower Wind Action Group at northgowerwindactiongroup@yahoo.ca

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