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When it comes to industrial wind turbines there is plenty of talk about the health problems due to sleep disturbance as a result of the noise the machines produce (and vibration), about declining (or erased) property values, about the destruction of the landscape, but there is one argument that is not an opinion, it’s a fact:


The promises of “clean” energy, jobs, etc., all false. One of our members pointed us to this blogsite where the author analysizes the IESO data. It’s a very interesting story:


Wind doesn’t work.

According to Parker Gallant, writing in The Financial Post, “McGuinty has not delivered on one of his ideals [cheap green power, no coal plants] and instead has brought in electricity costs that are the most expensive of any province (except PEI) and higher than half the American states. At the same time, Ontario’s public sector electricity debt continues to increase.”

Who’s paying for this experiment? YOU are.

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