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As we previously noted, the Citizen reporter missed seeing Glenn Brooks at the April 13th information event: he was there for much of the meeting, and has now posted his own news summary on his weekly update. Here it is:

North Gower Wind Turbine Action Group:
About 250 local residents attended the meeting, chaired by Gary Chandler. The speakers were varied and well versed with the wind turbine issue. I was most interested in realtor Chris Luxemburger’s comments. His report, “Living with Wind Turbines”, is a result of a study of hundreds of properties in the Shelburne, Ontario area. His research suggests property values are impacted by the proximity of wind turbines.

If Mr Brooks had had more space in his brief newsletter he might have added that the extended effect on the impact on property values for homes near the wind turbines. Chris Luxemburger said that councils are not looking at the effect of “depreciated tax values” on the tax base as a whole, which will affect EVERY taxpayer in Ottawa, and in other communities where turbines are operating, or planned.

It is interesting to note from news reports across the province that the more council members start reading about the issues associated with industrial wind turbines (health effects, noise in the rural environment, effects on property value etc.) the more of them start to object to the fact that the Green Energy Act has completely removed the democratic process at the municipal level in this province. Cities, towns, villages and townships are now completely powerless to protect their citizens.

(Wind Concerns Ontario has now shipped 5,000 signs “STOP the wind turbines” and “Health studies before wind turbines” across the province. http://windconcernsontario.wordpress.com )

A more complex issue is what is going on with the Ontario electricity market. Retired banker Parker Gallant concludes his excellent series in The Financial Post today, with his article “Ontario’s Power Trip: a megaplex of costs.” He concludes that Ontario is hell-bent on destruction with its “green” energy plans. “Ontario’s official tourism slogan is ‘There’s no place like this!’ It’s an appropriate slogan for the province’s electricity market.”

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