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“If I didn’t sign, I would see the windmills without revenue”: cash crop farmer Marc Bercier

Not too many years ago, cash cropper and seed grower/processor Marc Bercier was actively opposed to green energy projects being proposed and built in his area, but this February he signed for a potential five windmills* and one substation to be located on his 1,700 acres.

“If I didn’t sign I would see the windmills without revenue,” said Bercier.

Pointing to the 29 pages of documentation involved for his portion of the 10,000-acre proposed windmill project, Bercier noted how the negotiated sections on soil compaction, erosion and overall environmental protection were vital to him, considering that his farm is only just over the requires 500 meters from this village. [Editor: what? Do you mean from the project?]

The documentation showed that Bercier was promised $15,000 per windmill per year as a base price, with…

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Property owners in Addington Highlands are reminded that the deadline to register your opinion on the issue of the proposed wind power project by U.S.-based NextEra is midnight TONIGHT.

Have your property tax roll number at hand and go to www.addingtonhighlands.ca

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Nature Canada and the Kingston Field Naturalists are calling for action to save Amherst Island, near Kingston, from a huge windpower generation project which will not only devastate the island community, but also endanger thousands of migratory birds and other at-risk or endangered species.

See this posting from the Association to Protect Amherst Island, below. Be sure to look at the project map below, too—how does the government excuse this in the name of “green”?

Kingston Field NaturalistsNature Canada
Dear Friend,

A 27-turbine wind power project proposed for internationally recognized Amherst Island, an Important Bird Area near Kingston Ontario, may be approved soon by the Ontario government.

The many Species at Risk on Amherst Island include birds (Short-eared Owl, Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark, Eastern Whip-poo-rwill, Barn Swallow, Golden Eagle, Least Bittern, and Red Knot), Blanding’s Turtles, and Milk and Ribbon Snakes.

Amherst Island has an international reputation as one of the most outstanding places in…

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Wind power developer EDF revealed its project area map online and at the Open House held on June 23rd.

These maps do NOT represent lands actually under signed options, but indicate the area in which company representatives are looking for landowners to sign up to lease land for a future wind power development.

Landowners are advised to read all material related to leasing land for wind turbines, beyond what the wind developer may supply, and to consult a lawyer before signing ANY agreement.

The map is available here.

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Prowind was the wind power developer based in Germany that had a proposal for the North Gower-Richmond area of Ottawa. The company failed to qualify for bids for new projects in 2015.

Norwich Gazette, June 22, 2015

A local group is appealing the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s decision to issue a renewable energy approval for the Gunn’s Hill wind farm.

East Oxford Community Alliance Inc., a group of local citizens that has opposed the project since its announcement, has challenged the approval, citing several points to demonstrate the project will cause serious harm to human health and plants, animals and the natural environment.

The matter will now be heard in front of the Environmental Review Tribunal. The hearing is scheduled for June 29, 30, July 6 through 8, July 14 and 16. The location is Oxford Centre hall.

Information posted to the provincial Environmental Registry states the…

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Ontario Farmer, June 16, 2015

Farmers signing up for St. Isidore wind power project

by Ian Cumming


A 10,000-acre windmill project is being proposed near St. Isidore in Prescott County with many farmers already having signed leases.*

The 150-megawatt project is projected to run from Highway 417 north to County Road 10 and 16 in the Nation township, states a press release from the St. Isidore Wind Energy Centre, and affiliate of EDF Renewable Services.

“There are supportive landowners in the area that have already signed up,” said David Thornotn from EDF. …

The St. Isidore Wind Energy Centre is holing an information meeting for the public on June 23rd from 5 to 8 PM in the St. Isidore Arena, said Thornton.

A Ponzi scheme: local farmer

“I have 700 acres right smack in the middle of it and I think the program is stupid,” said a farmer who…

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CBC, June 19, 2015

A new industrial wind farm is proposed for the North Frontenac region north of Kingston, Ont., and this has angered some of its residents.

The proposed green energy initiative from NextEra Energy Canada is slated to be built in the middle of the North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve. The approximately 200 industrial wind turbines proposed would have strobe lights on top for aircraft safety, which would all but eliminate the dark sky in the area.

The region is home to Canada’s first municipal Dark Sky Preserve that limits light emissions from human activity to allow star-gazers to appreciate the night sky. The township has centred its economic strategy on promoting its dark skies to tourists. Just south of North Frontenac there is a $47,000 star-gazing platform from…

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